Fab Sites

Hey lovlies. Today I have a couple websites to share that you may or may not know about! Both have unique things that you cant find everywhere, which I aboslutley love.

First up ShopRuche.com! (facebook here) When first visiting this site I immediately thought “this is a great place to get a thanksgiving outfit! Yes we plan our thanksgiving outfits in the south. There is always a reason to dress up right? ; ) Almost everything, if not all, is work appropriate too. My favorites are the bow items.

1. Unicorn Sweater via
2. Zig Zag sweater via
3. Paddington Coat via
4. Bow Blouse via
5. Bow Ring via

Next up is chicwish.com! This website is full of whimsical clothes and accessories. You will be asked “Where did you get that?” when you wear a piece from this site. They are based in hong kong, so your shipment will take 12-18 days, but I think it will be worth the wait : )

1.Ivory Coat Dress via
2. Mini Floral Dress via
3. Beige Lace Dress via
4. Fur Cape via
5. hot air baloon necklace via
6. Zipper bracelet via
7. Retro Pearl Nekclace via
8.Merry Go Round necklace via

XOXO pretties!