Stud Punkin

Dressing the men in our lives can be an easy task or a pain in the… you know what haha. Some men despise dressing up and some men love it. I would say Drew is a mixture. I tease Drew because his jeans are all designer, but then he will wear T Shirts all the time. He likes nice things, but he MUST be comfortable. With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been scouring the Internet for some clothes for Drew and I thought I would share my favorites.

1. Banana Republic Cashmere via
2. Banana Republic Orange Wool via
3. Green Men Cardi via
4. Billy Reid Sunday coat via
5. Boss Sport Coat via
6. H&M Sweater via
7. H&M vest/shirt via

And for your ladies that have sweet little boys, Here are some great options for those little stud punkins.

oh that hair!

I will forever love a little boy in ralph lauren.. just darling!

1. H&M jacket via
2. Cable knit via
3. Herringbone coat via   
4. Parka via
5. BOSS shirt and cardi via
6. RL Sweater via