Liv’s Favorite Things

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. We have had unbelievably perfect weather and spent majority of our time outside. Today I am talking about a few more of Liv’s favorite things.

When Liv was a newborn, I LOVED Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets. They are incredibly soft and stretchy which make it easy to get that perfect snug swaddle. I have numerous brands of swaddle blankets, but Aden and Anais are by far the best quality. I was recently contacted by them to try out their dream blanket and muslin toys! I had no idea they carried toys and they are absolutely adorable. They are the perfect size and they are great to accent a nursery. The dream blanket has quickly become the go to blanket in our house. Olivia has always been fond of the blankets with the silky edges, but she has become very fond of this blanket. The Dream blanket is the coziest blanket and is even big enough for mommy and baby cuddle time. The texture is extremely soft and it keeps that softness wash after wash. Aden and Anais also just launched a Project Red campaign. You can read more about how the project works here

Olivia has been teething since around 3 months old and she has yet to pop a tooth. She goes through phases of teething pain and these organic biscuits really do seem to help! I was kinda taken back by the flavors offered. I am one of those moms that try a teeny bite of the food to see how it tastes. Hey, I want to make sure its not down right gross before I hand it over to my child. The flavor I picked up in these was the pumpkin and banana. The taste is definitely unique, but Olivia loves them. They are hard enough to last a while and disintegrate easily to prevent choking. I picked mine up at target but I believe Walgreens has them too.  

Honest Co
We love these diapers! Olivia is long, but still pretty petite. Honest Co Diapers really do have a better fit compared to other diaper brands. I will admit, I was attracted by the adorable designs on them at first, but after reading about the natural resources used to make them, I was sold. I have yet to try any of the other Honest Co. products, but plan to very soon. If you want to try out a free trial of diapers and wipes, sign up here!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

*Aden and Anais Products were gifted to Olivia. All opinions are my own and I fully support and trust this company.

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