Top Amazon Purchases- Volume 1


Happy Wednesday! Long time no see! We had a busy dance competition weekend and it put me a bit behind on the blog. It was 100% worth taking the time off to be fully present for my girls big weekend.

Today I wanted to round up my favorite Amazon purchases! I will be doing a big clothing haul soon, but this round up includes lots of items that are not fashion related.

  1. Shoulder/Neck/Back Massager– I got this for Drew last year and boy have we got good use out of it! It also has a heat function and really works out the knots in your neck/back. You can use it on your lower back too. Just read the 500+ reviews!
  2. Exfoliator Mitt– I have searched and searched for a good exfoliating mitt and I recently gave this $10 one a try… AMAZING! I use it each time before I self tan or go to a tanning booth.
  3. Stripe Dress– You guys fell in love with this dress as much as I did! Def a top seller in Feb!
  4. Makeup Travel Bag– This bag has been all over instagram for good reason, it is the best makeup bag EVER! It comes in multiple colors and truly keeps you organized.
  5. Steamer– I have talked about this steamer for years and it is still my favorite. I never trave without it!
  6. Earring Organizer– Ok, I did a clean out of my jewelry in January and I desperately needed something to keep all my earrings nice and neat. Insert this organizer! I love that it is clear and you can see all your earrings too.
  7. Midi Dress– Another favorite of yalls in Feb! I adore this dress and it will be on repeat all spring/summer long
  8. Dupe Sunglasses- While I love designer sunglasses, I have a couple pairs of these dupes on hand when I am traveling. I am always worried I will scratch, loose or break my designer pairs, so I keep this pair and this pair in my beach bags and leave my nicer ones at the hotel.
  9. Palm Leaf Kimono– This was a big seller last year and you guys love it again this year. It comes in multiple prints here and the palm is hands down my favorite.
  10. Studded Sandals– Another great designer inspired shoe and you guys they are only $20! Highly impressed with these!

Stay tuned for a fun mommy and me capsule vacay post coming this week! xoxo Tara