Easy and Fun School Lunch Ideas




Today I am so excited to share a different type of post with you all! Over the last week I have been testing out some lunch ideas for Olivia’s school lunch. I wanted to share 6 fun and easy things to do to put that extra little smile on your kids faces with items I have found at Wal-Mart.

First up, let’s start with the basics. I picked up numerous Sistema containers for Olivia’s lunch box. I never have to worry that items will leak, or the freshness will be sub par. I also love how easy it is to incorporate numerous items in your child’s meal in one single container.  I also picked up the box of 101 cookie cutters. There will be days I have a little extra time, so having these cookie cutters on hands to make fun sandwiches will be amazing (and so much fun!)

I also grabbed Olivia the cutest Unicorn lunchbox from Wal-Mart. It comes with a water bottle, an ice pack, and a lunch container! At $10, you can’t beat it!


The first lunch I made Olivia were these easy sandwich pinwheels. You simply take a mini sreet style size tortilla, then layer cheese, and your meets. You then proceed to roll the tortilla then cut into 1 inch pieces. I secure the pinwheels with a toothpick. If the toothpick is too pointy for our child I recommend placing some sort of sauce, like mayo, to secure the tortilla.


I am always looking for ways to make lunches fun for Olivia. She loves sandwiches, so I took a hot dog but that has the opening on the top and layered in the sandwich meats/cheese. I then put it on a cute hotdog paper tray and topped with red bell pepper to appear like the ketchup on a normal hotdog. For the sides, we always have at least one fruit and vegetable in her lunches and the more color the better!


Peanut butter and jelly (or honey) is always an easy go to. I use the cookie cutters to cut out cute shapes on the sandwich. For the fish I added in some gold fish to go along with the theme. I made it a bit more fun by topping the sandwich with a candy eye.

BIRTHDAY LUNCH (special occasion)

Ok this one is the most “extra” of all the lunches I am sharing today. There will be times like a birthday, your child achieves something, or just any special occasion, where they may deserve an extra special lunch. For the sandwich I cut out a princess crown out of one slice and then placed it on a peanut butter slice. I then filled in the crown with colored sprinkles. I even jazzed up the napkin and fork with a fun bow. I used to do silverware like this when I party planed and it is such a fun and easy way to add a little something extra special. I also skewered marshmallows with the little cutie oranges. This lunch may not be the most nutritional, but I promise it will put an HUGE smile on your little ones face.


This little sandwich has been Olivia’s favorite by far. The buns are tiny slider buns that come pre cut. I top them with all her favorite sandwich meats/cheese and butter lettuce. These sandwiches are the perfect size and very easy to eat. I also took a flower cupcake liner, flipped it upside down and flatted it out to place under the sandwich. Of course this is not necessary, but something fun to add to a lunch box with little time.


Another way to play up a sandwich is to place it on a skewer. I cut up a slice of bread in 4s then skewer it on with all Olivia’s favorite sandwich tops. I also love adding cherry tomatoes and bacon to these!


Olivia officially had her first week of Kindergarten yesterday and we celebrated with Unicorn Sundaes. I picked up these gorgeous Pioneer Woman sundae glasses at Wal-Mart and filled them to the brim with all kinds of goodness. These marshmallows are so stinking cute (and tasty!) Olivia’s unicorn top and leggings are also Wal-Mart finds and could not be cuter!

Wal-Mart truly makes it so easy to make your kids lunches extra special. They have masted Back to School with the amazing selection of school supplies and having all the school lists in one spot too. I love that I can find Back To School clothes, lunch boxes, supplies, groceries and more all under one roof. One stop shopping gives you that much more time to spend with your love ones! Thank you Wal-Mart!

*This post is in collaboration with Wal-Mart and Rewardstyle.