2020 Recap Part 2- Hope

Hi guys! First, thank you for all the love on part 1 of our 2020. Your love and support has been SO amazing since I have started, but the last year you guys have loved and prayed on us so much! We appreciate it more than you know.

I am going to jump right into the rest of our year!


After losing Izzy, I was pretty much shut off from the idea of getting another dog (or so I thought.) Two dog loses in one year will wreck havok on your heart. It is funny how God works in mysterious ways and boy did he change my mind and by more than I thought! So Olivia was very upset to say the least after losing Izzy. She wanted a new puppy ASAP! One evening I got a text from my brother in law and it was a picture of a boxer puppy. I was very confused but asked whose puppy it was. Well come to find out, his co worker has a boxer from the same place this puppy was at. Long story short, Drew has always dreamed of having a boxer and we had planned on getting on in 2021. I found out some more information about this sweet baby boy, then showed Drew. It didn’t take him 5 minutes to say , YES, I want him! He was only 8 weeks so it would be a couple months before we got our new sweet boy! When we told Olivia she was SO excited but also said she really wanted a “little dog.” Drew also agreed that he could not see our family without another addition. I was apprehensive to say the least. I knew I wanted to make sure whatever puppy we got was 100% healthy. We started to look around and came across some pomksys. I actually looked at pomskys before getting Izzie and fell in love with the breed. I talked to the breeder and it was actually his granddaughter that was raising the puppies and using the money for a college education. We got videos, pictures, got a health certification and spoke to them a couple more times before making our decision of adding Gracie Jane to our family. We drove to Dallas and it was love at first site. You guys, it is amazing how much you can open your heart up even when it is completely broken. I also loved that we were helping a young girl out after she had a rough childhood. Also I must mention that Olivia named her Gracie Jane after Sadie Jane and Isabella Grace. 🙂

October came around and we decided to explore our home town in it’s fall glory. I rented out a cabin for my family for my moms birthday and we had the BEST time. Then later that month we went to Mount Magazine for the fall foliate. We did ALL the fall things and soaked up every ounce of fall foliage. In October we also started our fall fridays where we shared tutorials and recipes!  Of course celebrated halloween even thought trick or treating was cancelled. We had a mommy and me butterfly costume as well as our family costume of Cruella Deville. We had SO much fun dressing up and look forward to it every single year.



November 1st rolled around and it was time to bring Ozzy home! Drew and Liv drove to go pick him up while I stayed back with Gracie. Gracie and Ozzy INSTANTLY hit it off and have been inseparable since! They are best of friends and it is so sweet to watch them grow up together. Our house was filled with so much laughter and joy now and that is EXACTLY how I wanted to go into the holiday season. We also celebrated Olivia’s 7th birthday. We had planned on having a bunch of her dance friends over for her party, but with the virus we kept the guest list very small. We celebrated BIG with a nutcracker theme and she could not have loved it any more! Drew and I also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary too!

The holidays FLEW by this year but we made the absolute most of them. We baked, we had little gatherings with our immediate family, we had the best time with our at home advent calendar including a prank night on the family. We also got 8 inches of snow in December which NEVER happens so that was a fun surprise. While we did have a lot of fun, the holidays were bittersweet because we did not get to see a lot of our family due to the virus.  I know the holidays looked SO different for so many. It broke my heart to read over and over again how people could not see their families. I am praying that 2021 will bring back some normalcy to everyone.

So there you have it, our end of the year review. While I would love to be sharing an announcement of a new bundle of joy, that is not in God’s plans for us yet. I am still holding on to hope that we can bless Olivia with a sibling, but we also know if Olivia is supposed to be our only child, that is ok as well. We could not be more thankful for our sweet Olivia. She is such a bright light and is going to do incredible things. She has the kindest heart and treats others with so much love and compassion.

This year has been tough, on every aspect of our lives…  tough on Olivia, our marriage, and on my business. I hate to even complain because 2020 has been incredibly tough on SO MANY PEOPLE. It has downright sucked and like I said before, I don’t see it magically getting better overnight.

My word for 2020 was love. Love has 100% gotten us thru all these tough times and the amount of love we have received from family and this community has been humbling. Most importantly,  Love from our heavenly father has been something we have leaned on heavily thru all our trials. When I think about our word from 2021 I think of hope, grateful, compassion, and so many more words. It is honestly hard to pinpoint one right now. For now, below are a few of my goals for this year and I plan on sharing our “word” soon!

  1. Get back to my roots on my business. This past year we were not able to travel and that really really made my creativity go out the window. When I first started on here, I shared a lot of family, everyday life, and everyday outfits. While I will always share lots of mommy and me coordinating looks, some dressy inspo, high low style, and hopefully travel again one day,  I really want to share more of the day to day with you guys!
  2. Take care of my health. With my thyroid issues, I really have to be more aware of what is going inside my body.  My food choices and  ALLLLLLL the wine I consumed during quarantine did me no favors.  I have already gotten back on my workout routine and its amazing how quickly your body starts to respond.
  3. Delegate. I had full intention of expanding my team in 2020 and that took a back seat due to all the uncertainty. I have A LOT of tasks I need to delegate more and I plan on doing so in 2021. This will  allow me to work with more focus and produce a lot more content.

I will be sharing more of my goals soon with some things i have purchased to succeed! Stay tuned for that!

Ok, I have rambled on and ON, so I am going to close out 2020 with this….

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Lets go 2021!