Beauty Favorites

Today I wanted to round up some of my beauty favorites! Lot of these  products I have used and reused for over a year (some over 2-3 years!) Some are new favorites! I will go into detail below about why I love each product below.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Setting Powder– This product is a MUST in my make up routine. It beautifully sets concealer under the eyes and gives you that refreshed look. I wear shade light.
  2. NYX Marshmallow Primer– S’mores is basically my favorite dessert EVERY so when I hear about a new marshmallow makeup product you know I will be the first to try it out. I LOVE this primer and I also used it on Olivia for her dance makeup. It smells heavenly and make up glides so smoothly over it.
  3. Kerastase Shampoo– You guys know I have talked about this shampoo for YEARS! It is my favorite and It is always in my hair care rotation.
  4. Tula Dual Action Pads– These pads give you that at home facial feel. Your skin will feel soft as a babies bum! Highly recommend adding these to your weekly routine.
  5. Maybelline Lifter GlossРI have been a huge fan of Fenty glosses and this is as close as a dupe I have seen yet. I love the colors and it feels wonderful on the lips.  Use it as a topper over your fav lipstick or wear alone.
  6. Trish MacEvoy Instant Eye lift– This is new to my routine and I don’t know where it has been all my life. It truly makes you look instantly awake and adds a stunning glow to your face. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way.
  7. Oribe Royal Blowout– This is the heat protectant I have used for YEARS and it does so much more for your hair than just protect it from the heat. It nourishes and protects your hair from environmental factors and smells amazing.
  8. Benefit Cookie Highlighter– I have tried so many highlighters and always go back to this one. I love the scent and it looks beautiful on all skin types.
  9. Drunk Elephant Virgin Oil– Another favorite I have talked about numerous times. I would literally bathe in this if i I could. It quenches the driest skin and you are glowing every morning after using this in your skincare routine.
  10. Amazon Curling Iron– While I do love my T3, I have reached for this curling iron more over the last year. I LOVE the longer barrel an the 3/4 inch gives such gorgeous curls that last for days!
  11. Tula Beauty Sleep– I love all tula products but this is my favorite hands down. I noticed a difference in my skin in just a weeks time. My skintone is more even, softer, and fine lines are not as noticeable after using this!
  12. Colleen Rothschild Detox Mask– This mask is my go to any time my skin is under any kind of stress. It battles brake outs and really cleans out your pores. I used this EVERY time I get home from traveling.
  13. Lancome Mascara Primer– I have tried so many dupes and other similar mascara primers, but none of them come close to this one.
  14. Hair Ties– These are very similar to the gimme beauty ties and I love how well they hold my hair up. They do not crease your hair and make your pony tails really pop!
  15. Colleen Rothschild Hair Mask– If there is one hair product I can can convince you to purchase, let it be this one. This mask is amazing and leaves your hair silky smooth. I feel like a broken record saying this again, but it smells SO good! I clearly love products that have a nice scent haha!