Easy Halloween Treats with Wal-Mart

Hey Guys! I am back from a fall trip and I wanted to share some fun and easy halloween treats we made last week with Wal-Mart’s private brands. We are always celebrating holidays to the fullest and love making themed treats. I ordered all the items below to be delivered to my house with Wal-Mart’s grocery delivery service and made all these in less than 10 min!


For these I took Wal-Mart’s freshness guaranteed donuts and used the great value licing to make the whiskers and nose. I then used the great value eye sprinkles and two candy corns to complete it!


Great Value has so many delicious cookies and the Twist and Shouts are one of our favs! I took purple icing and placed a dime size amount in the middle of the cooke and then put chocolate candy on top to create the hat. Decorate with your fav sprinkles and you got the cutest bit of dessert!


I used Olivia’s favorite sweet treat, the freshness guaranteed brownies, and broke the top of a Twist and Shout Cookie in half to create the wings. Then use your google eye sprinkles to compete the treat!



For these, you can any cookie you want! I loved how the iced oatmeal cookies from great value already gave the mummy appearance. I swiped icing back and fourth and finished off with google eye sprinkles!


I love how easy and delicious these turned out and needless to say, they were gone within minutes! Always check out the Freshness Guaranteed and Great Value products during your grocery planning. These swaps will turn into permanent items on your list and stretch your budget even further! New customers canuse promo code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off their first three pickup or delivery orders. $50 min.
Restrictions & fees apply.

*thank you to Wal-Mart for sponsoring todays post.