Dress Fitting and Dr. Pepper!

Last night Rachel, my mom, Claire and I went to get my dress fitted for alterations! I have had my dress since January so it’s been awhile since I have had it on… well except for the occasional times I tried it on at my house : ) I can not wait for Drew to see me in the dress…. and in my Jimmy Choos! : ) Afterwards we went to Noodles for dinner. Claire talked our arms off all about school, how to write the lettter “A”, and she even asked us “How were your days without me” haha. We had a fabulous dinner with wine, spinach artichoke Alfredo, and bananas foster! Claire got to have Dr. Pepper last night too, since Owen was not there. Now I know why Rachel doesnt let her have it all the time, and I will be thinking twice next time I let her have it with me. haha! Well Claire was incredibly hyper and started showing us all her funny faces. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Not only is this child a genius, she is quite the comedian!

Claire took this picture of us three, she had her finger over the flash : ) oh no.. here comes the dr pepper!


laughing hysterically!

Claire’s Gene Simmons 🙂 so funny!


6 thoughts on “Dress Fitting and Dr. Pepper!

  1. Rachel

    Fun night! Your dress is gorgeous…and I am so glad that you do not have it at your house anymore – YOU CANNOT TRY IT ON, WHAT IF SOMETHING/SADIE HAPPENED TO IT =)! Had a great time!!!

  2. Maggie

    Love the pics of Claire, such a funny little girl!

    I bet you’re getting more excited by the day about the wedding – SO EXCITING!! =) Savor every second!!

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