Shoes that are worth every penny-1

Well I decided to start a weekly post of shoes that I lust over! Today’s shoe is the
Christian Louboutin “Babel” boot. These caught my eye when I saw a picture of Miss. Lauren Conrad wearing them at her Bloomy’s launch. I tried on a few pairs of Louboutins in NYC last month and I really think owning one pair (or two) of these would be worth every penny… but, my fiance says Mr. Louboutin will not be getting any of our pennies. Well a girl can dream right!?!

only 1,375,000 pennies : )

Here is a nice alternative 11,900 pennies


7 thoughts on “Shoes that are worth every penny-1

  1. The Brown Family

    Um those are so cute and you would look so cute in them! What am I saying…you look cute in everything! It sounds like the wedding plans are coming along. I can not wait to see this wedding, it’s going to be so gorgeous!!
    Oh, and thank you for comment…you’re too sweet!

    How did you get the pictures of Emma and Claire and then all the bridesmaids side by side?? I have wanted to do that and can’t figure it out!! Help!! 🙂

  2. Jim Ed, Amanda and Addison

    Hi Tara! Thanks for coming to visit us at Addison's blog and B&C! I've enjoyed looking at Rachel's blog as well as your two blogs! Kitchen Queens–what a fun idea!

    Mmm, Mr. Louboutin doesn't get my pennies, either, but a girl can dream!!! Your wedding Jimmys are fab!!!

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