Cookware, Dishes, and a pig named Elvis : )

Sunday was my first Bridal shower! Everything was beautiful and so much fun! I got so many fabulous gifts! Drew’s grandma hand sewed us a beautiful Christmas Tree Skirt, its GORGEOUS, we will treasure it forever. Also, Drew’s step dad handmade us a solid wood cutting board! We also received part of our dishes, canisters, a wine holder, William Sonoma Logostina cookware, towels, a beautiful platter, a bridal cookbook, entertaining dishes, pyrex bowl and bakeware set, tumblers, a carving set, an omelet pan, our Waterford crystal wine glasses, a decanter, cupcake bakeware set, and a pig! Haha.. Claire got me a pig like her mama collects, Drew and I named him Elvis. : ) I was a bit overwhelmed at first, because I am so used to being the “giver,” but it was so exciting! Everyone looked gorgeous and we all enjoyed the yummy food my Matron of Honor,Jennifer, prepared! Like usual, I took TONS of pics(you have been warned), but hey this only happens once. : ) This saturday is my couples shower at Rachel’s house. The wedding is going to be here before we know it!!!!!!!

sadie had her bridal sweater and pearls on : )

the group!the gorgeous table
me and drew’s step mom
brandi (my step mom) and Dandi
me and my bridesmaids (minus two)
my aunt tina and mo
me and jess!
family! my grandma, us girls and my mom
so precious
claire was my helper

me and the hostess!
love my clairebear
sisters and mom opening gifts

elivs! : )
me and drew’s mom
family pic

haha here is a close up of Elvis

a close up of the tree skirt, this picture doesnt even give it justice! its so detailed

the goodies : )
the gorgeous William Sonoma Logostina cookware!!!

Saturday night, we went out to eat for my mom’s birthday at PF Changs. We all had a great time. The 2 hour wait gave us a reason to go shoppin : )

drew and owen


12 thoughts on “Cookware, Dishes, and a pig named Elvis : )

  1. Maggie

    Love Elvis!! =)

    Sounds like you had a great time and got lots and lots of awesome stuff!! Showers are so fun.

    One step closer to the BIG day!! I’m sure you are just beside yourself with all the excitement!!

  2. Jessica

    One down, 2 more to go! I had fun on Sunday and you got a lot of great stuff. Jennifer did a fabulous job. Did you cook last night with your new cookware?

  3. Megan

    It looks and sounds like it was an amazing shower. You guys got some great things!!! Congratulations!! Your Big Day is almost here!!

  4. Lane

    Looks like you had a fabulous time and got such good stuff! Is there anything left to get you! haha
    Can’t wait for this weekend. This shower is going to be beautiful!

  5. Rachel

    I love the name Elvis!! Great pictures, she shower was AWESOME!! It has to feel real now!!! Can’t wait until this weekend!!

  6. Brooke Bertalan

    You got a lot of great stuff. I’ve been looking over your registry and things just keep disappearing (well, the requests keep getting fulfilled). Oh what to get you… I don’t know yet, but we will know by Saturday!!! Yea, I can’t wait. I am still upset that I am the retard that over-booked myself, but I am sure that the time I do spend with you this Saturday will be FABULOUS!

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