My forgetful husband and Kristy’s Masquerade!

Phew what a busy weekend we had! Friday night Jessica, my mom, my sister, and I all went out to eat and to see Bride Wars…. and can you believe it! I didnt take one picture! GASP! haha. We had a blast and Bride Wars was a pretty cute movie! I loved the ending… but will not give it away : ) Also, I mentioned on a post before that I had nothing to wear! Well I went to dillards friday afternoon and …. a BCBG dress I have been looking at for a couple weeks was 40% off! YIPPPIE! : ) It was fate! haha
Saturday… I was SUPERWOMAN! I was running around all day doing stuff for the Masquerade party. Around one o’clock I get a call from my darling husband….. here is how the convo went
Mr. Gibby- “Hey babe, do we have a party for Ryan and Cody’s new baby today?”
Mrs. Gibby- “Umm I dont think so, I havent heard anything about it..”
Mr. Gibby- “Oh… Well I guess I forgot to tell you….we have a baby shower at 4:30 today for them, they sent out evites and I must have just forgot”
Mrs.Gibby- :huge sigh: “Well let me see what I can do.. you do know I am super busy with this party.”
Mr.Gibby-“I know babe, but you can do it!
Mrs.Gibby-::laughing::: “I always do!” (I was glaring at him thru the phone and he could so tell!) : )
So yeah, in the midst of the chaos of the party, I had to go get a baby gift, go to a shower at 4:30 and then go back home and change for the masquerade party and then decorate for the party! Thank goodness for Bella Jacks’s here in town, i was able to find the perfect gift in no time! (a pink outfit with chandeliers all over it! OMG adorable and a onesie that says “Move over Cinderella!” Priceless!)
The masquerade party went great! Kristy loved everything! Her family joined us for dinner and then all of us girls went out afterwards. Kristy is one of my very best friends! She is a beautiful person inside and out and I am so lucky to have her as a friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!
the cake table
one of the centerpieces i made

another one

these two are tying the not this weekend!!!

the beautiful birthday girl and her fab mask

present time

she loved my card : )


bein silly of course

all the girls

haha me and my camera

drew and I

haha DREW!
(see honey this is what you get when you forge to tell your wife something impoartant!) : )

love her!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Also I posted on Friday about Baby Harper. Please contiune to pray for this precious baby! The power of prayer is awesome and she is doing better each day!


16 thoughts on “My forgetful husband and Kristy’s Masquerade!

  1. Rachel

    Great job on the party, it turned out great!!

    DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – You have got to give your email to his buddies so that they quit emailing him =)! BTW – What did you get the baby? Do I NEED it??

  2. Maggie

    HAHAHAHA, I am cracking UP at Drew!!! Those pics of him were hilarious!! =)

    Looks like a FAB time as always!! You did a great job with the decorations!!!!!!

  3. Mrs. Potts

    What fun! I love the masques!
    Every time I read your blog I think that you remind me of someone & I could never place it. We watched Friday Night Lights & it hit me that you look like one of the lead characters!!

  4. Oh Snap! Designs

    Looks like your party turned out fun! It was good to see you, too. The stuff you got Sagely was adorable!! Thanks for the compliment on the painting. Anytime you need one, just let me know! 🙂

  5. Brooke Bertalan

    How fun! I love the masks and everyone looked just gorgeous. I love that the b-day girl wore her long black gloves! That is hot. What a fun idea.
    Happy Birthday Kristy!!

  6. Jade

    I LOVE THAT GREEN DRESS! …….and I don’t know ANY man who would have done it any different. They are ALL forgetful! 🙂

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