Be One with the Hula Hoop

So needless to say, the Bachelor was pretty interesting last night!


It started off with Chris sitting down with Jason at the Faux Bach pad and recapping on the ladies. Jill he really likes, but is she into him, Molly is the pretty girl that may not be ready to settle down, Naomi is the free spirited one that he obviously doesn’t believe a word she says(nor does she), and Melissa is the Hot girl that he cant find anything wrong with. Well then lets go meet their families…. and friends.


He starts off in Canada with Jill and boy did this date go extremely well! They meet up at a winery where Jill is wearing some of the cuteset gloves I have ever seen… must have them! I didn’t realize how beautiful Canada is…. but according to Jason “Not as beautiful as Jill” “awww” They have a tour of a winery and she reveals a family secret.. her mom suffered thru depression. It was so sad to watch her talk about this, and I cant imagine what she went thru. You can see it has made her into the strong person she is today. Then they venture off to her families house where Jason is greeted Canadian style. This date went so well that there really isn’t much to say about it and then Granny comes! Boy was she a hoot! I loved her reaction when she met jason.. “OH MY GOD!”, I am surprised ABC didn’t do a slow mo of Jason taking off his shirt. Granny then say she was going to Jillian to northern Alberta and marry her off to some Ukrainian, but now she doesn’t have too.. hold on to those tickets Granny this season is over yet! : ) Then granny pulls out a present for Jason, some Canadian boxers and places them on his head! haha.. I really loved this family! Looks like that bar was set really high after this one!


Then back to the states to Michigan to see Molly. Jason meets her at the golf course where they both seem uncharacteristically nervous.. hmm.. Well they play a few holes and then sit down and talk about the parents. Molly tells Jason that she never brings guys home and that she dated a guy for 3 years that her parents hated.. but then later say she would NEVER date a guy her parents didn’t like.. hmmmm. Then they are off to the parents house where things get a little more uncomfortable. They all sit down for a chat and there were many odd silences… until the hat box comes out. As odd as it was, it did ease the tension in the room. I personally liked the dad’s hat the best, even though he seemed like he would rather be drinking a beer then wearing a hat that looked like one. haha. Just when you though the randomness stopped, Molly’s mom takes Jason down stairs to draw a picture of his most favorite memory of Molly. So Jason draws a picture of Molly smiling at a rose ceremony because her smile makes him feel better when he is breaking girls hearts… nice. Upstairs Molly is talking to her dad, who is still wanting that beer, and he tells her to not cry if she doesn’t get the final rose.. Just smile. Yeah I don’t forsee Molly bowing out gracefully if she doesn’t get the final rose.. I see a stinging in the future.


Now this is where it gets good. Off to California to see Naomi and her family. Naomi meets Jason in the park for a “serious” talk. She is still trying to convince Jason and herself, that she is ready to settle down. I guess its one of those instances that if you keep saying it out loud, maybe it will come true.. haha I don’t think so. Now they head over to the mom’s house. On the way there Naomi is warning America in a voice over that “every family is different” and that “her family may be as crazy as it gets” Oh boy! They all greet Jason and then Naomi’s mom brings the hula hoops. Jason was definitely not a natural which prompted Naomi’s mom to say “be one with the hula hoop” Yeah that isn’t going to help him out! Then it gets pretty nutty. Naomi’s mom brings everyone together to talk about the dove that committed suicide on her car windshield and she decided to bag the dove, who has a name now, Rosie, and have Jason bury it. Jason looked like he was ready for everyone to say… haha kidding… then they bring out the shovels and flowers. Jason then puts on a smile and buries Rosie. May she rest in peace. Now its time for the question/answer from the parents. Jason talks to Naomi’s dad who is very strong in his Christian beliefs and if my memory serves me right, Jason is Jewish. Jason handles the conversation pretty well and then heads over to the mama. Jason starts to take a deep breath and then Mama tells him that he is an indigo and they are from the same soul family. oh boy. I couldn’t help to think that Mama got this one wrong and Mrs. Nutty and her are actually the ones from the same soul family 🙂 Then we go see Naomi swinging with a huge glass of wine and then tells her daddy that she doesn’t care if Jason doesn’t share the same beliefs because she wants to be his wife(and she is 100% sure of this.. right!). Sorry hunny, it doesn’t work that way. Jason leaves Naomi’s house but not without stealing one last make out session from her… geez!


the soul family…. : )

Now its time to go to the big D to meet Melissa’s family….. friends. Jason is super pumped to meet her family and greets Melissa with a swinging hug. Melissa then gives Jason a gift for Ty, a box to put his tooth fairy monies in, which is something I would probably do. haha. Then she lays on the bad news…. your not meeting my parents. Jason’s faces tells all again and he is pretty disappointed, but they pack up and head to meet the friends. Her friends then proceed to tell Jason that Melissa has horrible taste in men and she is always the “dumpee” Was it just me or did the red head’s husband really seem to be VERY protective over Melissa and the red head seemed a tad bit jealous? moving on.. Jason talks to the girls and they too don’t know Melissa’s parents… red flag. Jason you wanted to see if Melissa had any faults and I guess you may have found one. I do not believe this story is over.. I think there is more to find out next week about Melissa’s parents. Then we head over to Melissa’s suite where they talk more about her private family and Jason cant seem to keep his hands off her.


Back in Seattle, Chris meets up with Jason at the faux Bach pad and they discuss the week. Jason is more confused than ever, but the 5 min he took staring off into the stars, helped him make his decision. Off to the rose ceremony. I dont know if you guys noticed this, but they edited the order of roses handed out. First was Molly, the Melissa and then Jillian. If you have it DVR’d go back and you will see a rose still on the table when Melissa gets her rose and Jillian doesn’t have one yet. Hmm I guess they wanted to build up suspense on Miss. Melissa. So no surprise, Naomi goes home. She seems pretty fed up and states that she is better off alone.


Next week the girls are headed to NZ. Lots of hot tubs, lots of adventure, and lots of making out. I am not sure if the Greek Witch makes her appearance next week or the week after, but she is sure to make some kind of mark on this season.


NOW for the dirt I have found out. So there is this guy named Reality Steve that supposedly has some insider information on this season and he says the ending will be jaw dropping and that “its not all as it seems.” That there is a story on how the ending comes about and he cant wrap his head around it. I for one still believe Melissa gets the final rose, but its how it comes about. Maybe some secret is revealed or maybe she leaves and comes back after Jason talks to Deanna? I have no clue, but I am very interested in finding out! You can go check out Reality Steve’s website and see the clue’s he is giving, they for one make NO since to me at all. (one is K Moon/Rebecca) weird huh? Maybe Rosie the dove comes back for a final visit at the final rose ceremony? that would be pretty jaw dropping.. haha. so kidding.. until next week! : )


for those of you that didnt dvr the bachelor here is a pic of the rose still on the stand when Melissa gets hers.
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24 thoughts on “Be One with the Hula Hoop

  1. Lindsey

    I was really looking forward to this post and it was a GREAT post!! I didn’t know Melissa wasn’t the last to get her rose, interesting!!! Ahh I can’t wait for next Monday!

  2. Rachel

    I did not notice that last night, but that is crazy!! I missed the home town date to Melissa’s as Shane didn’t do the DVR right or something, grrrrr!!!

  3. The Heckathorns

    I don't watch "The Bachelor" but I was flipping channels last night and came acoss the crazy lady with the dead dove. LOL! So funny!

    I'm going to vote for Sadie right after I post this comment! 🙂 And I did my letter game challenge. ♥

  4. Lane

    I can’t wait to find out what happens when the Witch returns! Grrr…

    Ha, I DVRed it but totally missed the rose thing! Crazy!

  5. Nonna and Poppy

    I am dying to find out the drama to this bachelor business! When you find out, and I know you will, you better share with us!
    I voted for my Sadie Jane, she is soooo sweet! Just love my furry grandchildren!

  6. Blue-Eyed Bride

    i don’t think deanna wants him back. i just think she’s coming to tell him that he shouldn’t propose to anyone. i think she’ll say that she made a mistake saying “yes” to anyone– not for not choosing jason. just my two cents.

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