P90x and Another Wine night.

So a couple posts ago I mentioned the P90x program. Have any of you tried or compleated it? I am very intrigued by it and contemplating jumping on the bandwagon. I want something that will kick my butt and make me sore. Drew thinks I am nuts for wanting to do it. haha. Any thoughts?!?!?

Last night Kristin, her little sister and I cooked and watched some america’s next top model! We drank wine, of course, and ate my yummy spinach pasta! Here a few pics!

I think I like sadies hair long : )

love my sadie
she loves her aunt kristin.
Have a great day! XOXO


38 thoughts on “P90x and Another Wine night.

  1. The Heckathorns

    I have a friend that just got through with the P90X program and she loved the results! I seriously don’t think you need it lady…you are smoking as it is! 🙂 But yes, i’ve heard good things about it.

  2. Sarah

    Haven’t done the P90X program but would love to know what you think of it if you try it!! And I’m lovin your tiffany blue pashmina!! Gorgeous!!! : )

  3. Megan

    I have heard of P90X but never tried it. I have heard it really works! I have about trying the 30 Day Shred that everybody is talking about! I need the recipe for that yummy spinach pasta!

  4. Bren

    my boyfriend did the P90x last summer and lost almost 30lbs i think…he is doing it again for this summer because he loved it so much!

  5. Brown Eyed Girl

    I have not tried P90X. I’ve heard a lot about it though. Very exp! One of my friends tried it and didn’t end up finishing it. I have been doing the 30 day shred and it’s pretty much a butt kicker! 20 minutes a day seems easy but it’s kind of hell! HA

  6. B

    sadie is so cute! I wish I could get Goldie to like wearing clothes…don’t think that will happen anytime soon, haha

  7. the future mrs Hinz

    i HAVE done P90X. my old roomie in austin actually has all of my dvds right now.

    talk about a kick in the butt! it will make you super sore. but i loved it! i didnt have a chin up bar – i used my own free weights (5,8 and 10lbs) and then some stretch bands. thats all you really need. i got through the whole thing! i didnt lose much weight – i didnt really have much to lose. you really dont have any to lose – but it gets you toned like youve never been before!

    if youve got the motivation – go for it!

  8. 1 Hot Dish

    I’ve heard it’s a great workout – but I haven’t ever done it. Can’t wait to hear your results!

    Glad to hear you had a fun night! Your dog is just adorable…as always. 🙂

  9. Kari Beth

    i’ve heard lots of people talking about p90x, but i’ve yet to meet someone that has completed it. seriously, tara, if i were you i would just go home today and lay on the couch and eat ice cream! ha ha…you have a bangin body! i honestly don’t think you need any program to kick your ass.

    where do you run? i run at lake fay almost everyday and i figured by now i would’ve run into you there, but have yet too!

  10. Naturally Caffeinated Family

    i’ve watched the whole infommercial=)! i’ve googled reviews before and read mixed so i didn’t feel bad for not looking into it more…=) i do enjoy me some top model too, though it’s on a funny time now so i’m we don’t watch it regularly anymore=)

  11. jlc

    Mmmm for Spinach pasta!!

    I say do it, try it, then blog about it so I can share in on the fun. Perhaps I’ll jump on the bandwagon too!

  12. Aubrey

    I just googled this P90x and it sounds intense. You look amazing already but if you are looking for something more then you should try it. Let us all know what you think because it’s too expensive for me to just try. I would love results like they claim. Your dog is totally cute by the way.

  13. Mrs. Cole

    I have been doing p90x for 2 weeks and i almost have a 2 pack! Ha It is really intense- i was sore for a couple of days. Plyometrics is a bitch. ( if you do the lean workout you will not have to do it in your program)

  14. Lane

    I have heard nothing but good things about that. I’m sure you being a runner that it won’t be that hard for you. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  15. Candice

    Let me know if you end up trying out that workout program! I need to find something…summer is just around the corner!! Love all your girls night pics!

  16. amywelborn

    p90X is a great workout…very challenging to say the least! The yoga is INSANE! I loved it! Here’s my problem with it…it takes WAY too much time. I don’t have an hour and a half EVERY day to spend on it. Therefore, I’m embarassed to say, I’ve already quit and looking for the next best thing:)

  17. Laurel

    P90X is tough!!! seriously I only have a couple burned CDs and it is way harder than anything Ive tried. Good but time consuming!

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