The Bachelorette Boys= Drama Queens!

So another monday, and another night of wackos!

We start off with the boys leaving their bunk beds for a hotel with a shower that is inside.. crazy! haha. Jill greets the boys and we find out Kiptyn gets the one on one date. It was kind of refreshing to see a “normal” date on the bachelorette, well if you call kayaking to the grocery store normal haha. These two have some major chemistry. They couldn’t keep their hands off one another. Jill mentioned some dream about a guy kissing you on your neck and making you not worry about what the food tastes like (something like that), I guess I am passed that dream, if I cook for Drew, he better say he loves it even if he doesn’t haha : ) kidding. Later we find out that Kip never pursues girls, they come to him.. oh man.. why didn’t you just keep kissing her neck.. BUT WAIT Jill loves the cocky arrogant side of kip..surprise surprise.

Then comes the group date. They venture off to the ice rink to play curling. Exciting huh! So they are put into teams and throw rocks down the rink. To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to this date.. it was pretty boring. The red team wins and they go on a boat. She first pulls Jake aside for some alone time and tells him that he is pretty much perfect. Jake is used to hearing this, or so he says. Dude has no chance, Jill likes self absorbed, guitar playing foot fetish lovers. Ken dolls do not fall in those categories. She then takes some time to get to know newsboy cap Jessie. Sorry, not a fan of the hat, my 2 year old nephew pulls it off WAY better than this guy. They talk, they kiss and then comes rager dave. Boy was this awkward. He basically tells her that he loves her backside in spandex, that she is a liar, that her chest is falling out of her shirt and THEN he leans in for the kiss. DOH! Seriously?!? Then he whines that he didn’t get a kiss (he would have had a black eye if it were me)and tells her that she has kissed every other guy in the house(except for 2, he is keeping count) See this is where the black rose would be perfect! Maybe even leave the thorns on for horrid like this guy. Somehow she gets out of the conversation alive and goes upstairs and gives Newsboy Jessie the rose.

Next up the 2 on 1 date! Mike and the pizza baker, Mark. Mike takes a full on sprint towards Jill. And none other than a helicopter, shocker, is there to take them for a ride. For some reason Jill sits next to Mike and lets Mark sit next to mike. Mike basically ignores the fact that Mark is on the date and tells Jill that he is very attracted to her. But just when you think that Mark is going to be sent home on a bus, he gets some alone time with Jill and lets her know that he has been hurt. aww poor guy. In the end the pizza boy conquers and poor Mike is sent home on a gondola, hilarious. I was surprised they didnt have Wes on there singing his song to Mike. haha ABC call me next season for some ideas ; )

The cocktail party finally comes and Jill is in a hot little gold number! Love it. Reid pulls her aside and they talk about how the guys are different when they are together and when they are around her, nothing new here, and then they kiss. Watch this guy girls, I think he is in the final 2. Then we hear the guys talk about how Chihuahua’s rocker has a girlfriend. Then we see Wes and Jill snuggle up outside. The guys are NOT happy about it and one guy even yells Disgusting. haha. They say he is only there for his so called music. After Wes and Jill make out, Jill states she could be falling in love… oh boy. So Jake pulls her aside, and tells her that she needs to watch who she lets go. I guess this is where we see the fall of Jake, she doesn’t like to be told what to do. So Footboy decides to let her know all about the guys. He drops the bomb that some of them have gf. I was waiting for tanner to grab her feet, but he refrained. Jill then decides to get all the guys together and address the rumors. So they are not going to have a cocktail party. Jill ABC didn’t do a stellar job of picking out some of these guys, you should have seen this coming..

So after a pow wow with Chris Harrison they go into the rose ceremony where Chris tells them all they have been bad boys. Shame Shame. Some guys vent their anger(Jake), some guys say their clean(Wes) and Dave and Tanner have a mini altercation.. imagine that. In the end, noone confesses. Jill sends Dave and Juan home…. I am happy but footboy…. footboy?

So what do you yall think? Is Wes a creep? Is this season just not plain painful to watch!?

on another note! I sent out the Save The Date’s for Rachel’s new baby’s party!! I am so excited, its going to be fabulous!


32 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Boys= Drama Queens!

  1. MrsSouthernBelle

    Oh my gosh, wes is a total creeper!!! If I hear that crappy song one more time I think I wont watch anymore… I think? If had to guess Reid, Kiptyn, and Jesse will probably be the final 3. Ed, Reid, and Jesse are my favorites though, I like that they arent dramatic. Plus, how could you not like a guy that has his own winery!?

  2. Kim at Scarlett Boutique

    So, that's what happened last night, it is just plain boring this season! It is no wonder this poor girl is still single, she has terrible judgement when it comes to men. I mean Wes, come on! Maybe she can star in his video when he gets his record deal!!

  3. Jenny Georgio-who

    I love your recap of the Bachelorette. I can't bring myself to watch that show because of my dislike for Jill but seriously, wow ABC really gave her some creepos.

    Save The Dates are too cute!

  4. Tamela

    Wes is a totaly creeper. I kept hoping and praying that she would send him home. Ugh he is not even that cute! I agree it is painful to watch!

  5. C

    I love you for writing this! I can't even stand to watch it anymore! I loved Jill last season, but this one if giving me doubts! And I agree- Wes & Tanner P need to go! NOW! 🙂

  6. cassi rash

    Thanks for the update! The hubs had a softball game last night so we missed it. Did you make the Save the Date yourself? Those are A-DORABLE!

    I tagged you on my blog!

  7. MCW

    I think footboy isn't as bad as I thought at first. He actually seems kind of nomral aside from the weird foot fetish. Wes is a creep…hopefully the guys tell her next week. I love Ed the most!

  8. Megan

    I haven't been watching this season, according to your recaps it sounds like its a good season! Cute Save the dates!

  9. alyssa

    i can't wait for rachel's shower!! and i haven't seen the bachelorette since the first episode with yall! i need to get caught up!

  10. Chic Runner

    Wes is UBER creepy! There are a lot of freaks on here that's for sure. Jillian is turning into a little too much for me. Glad she got rid of Dave though… roid rage much?

    LOVE the save the dates 🙂

  11. Jen

    Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while, saw it on Krizzy Designs and love love love your blog! I too, have been watching Jillian's crazy season. I have to say "footboy" is growing on me, because he seems genuine. I would have let him go the minute he started raving about my feet though! 😉 I don't think he'll make it very far. I think Kip, Reid and Robby will be the top 3!

    Your summary posts each week make me laugh because it's all so ridiculous and you point it out so well!

  12. Miss HoneyDew

    ahhh I have been dying to comment on this! I just finally watched it on the DVR last night! I am SO glad creepster Dave went home! What a nutcase! I still can't believe she sent Juan home, what a cutie pie. I am liking Jessie (bad hat and all) and Kiptyn (such a cutie) and my new fav of the week is Jake. Hello where has he been!?

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