Football and Fall Fun!

Hey guys! Whew! I have not blogged in awhile! Been super busy and having lots and lots of fun!
Friday afternoon some of us girls headed to the Crumpet tea room for lunch! Great food, awesome atmosphere and fabulous ladies!

 That night drew and I headed to mermaids for some yummy dinner and then met his sister and her hubby out for a drink! They were in town for a friends wedding and staying with us. We had tons of fun catching up!

 Saturday was HOG FOOTBALL! We got up pretty early, put our red on and headed out the door to go tailgate! I met up with a few of my friends pretty early and then Drew and I headed over to my parents tailgate. The weather was GORGEOUS! The hogs kicked some major booty and we are so ready for more football!!

 Sunday night our friends the Welborns had an End of the Summer party! They had the awesome Wes and Karl there playing some great music. We danced the end of the summer away.. literally! haha SO Much fun!

 Today Jess, Kristin, her daughter and I headed out to noodles for some yummy food! Haha we ate lots of yummy food this weekend : )

a pretty fantastic weekend and many more to come!
It’s almost Fall Ya’ll! : )


15 thoughts on “Football and Fall Fun!

  1. GamecockQueen

    I am SO happy fall is right around the corner and football season is here!!

    I LOVE that leather jacket. So cute. And the red and black plaid dress. My college's colors were also red and black so I love anything I can wear to games.

    And your nieces. Oh. My. Gosh. CUTE! Esp. the zebra outfit 🙂

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