This past Monday Drew and I went on a date night and I kept having this great feeling. At first I just thought it may be the sunshine or maybe it was the great food we were eating,or maybe the cute new dress I had on haha, but midway thru our night I realized it was the fact that I finally had a chance to BREATH!

I probably have been walking around with a funky shade of blue or purple from not breathing. haha. I am always running around doing something. No I am not complaining, I love the life God has given me and I LOVE doing things for other people, it’s just I realized I do need to SLOW down and enjoy life because NEWS FLASH it is already flipping MAY people! I am running around in 5 inch heels, not even noticing life is flying by me.

It was the little things that made me so happy that night….eating frozen yogurt with my hubs, holding hands while drinking our fav coffee from Common Grounds…. and doing these things without being on a time schedule and having to rush home.

I will probably need you fabulous readers to remind me of this post when I am doing 50 gazillion things in one weekend here in a few weeks haha. 😉

I will leave you with this.

“Life is going to throw you curve balls… But I like to go into life with two catchers mitts on… you gotta be able to throw some things back” 

and of course a few pictures : )

you know you want some! : )
Forever 21 treasure!
Prada and PJ’s : ) LOOOVE!

Have a Lovely Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “BREATH

  1. LBP

    If anyone can relate to this post I can!!! Weddings, baby showers, graduations and endless charity events, I have so much going on and taking a moment to breathe is not scheduled in my planner this week. But it is just like the saying goes..I can do it all, backwards and in high heels!!!!

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