Tiffanys Themed Baby Shower and Mothers Day!

Well hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! And to all you fabulous Mothers.. Hope you had a FANtastic mothers day and were spoiled beyond belief ; )

We had another busy busy weekend here in NWA.  Friday night I spent getting everything ready for Miss Bailey’s baby shower. This was kinda a last minute deal and I threw together a party in a week! I immediately knew what I wanted the theme to be.. Tiffanys! BUT instead of Tiffany & Co… it was going to be Bailey & Co. I have been obsessed with Tiffany blue forever. I love it! I am planning to incorporate it in my guest bedroom very soon. I went to Hobby Lobby and just started walking around to get ideas. I found these adorable wooden purses and snatched them up. I painted them Tiffany blue and put fancy stickers on them that said “Bailey & Co.”  Inside the purses I bagged up cookies that said “Bailey & Co” then I edited a pic of Brooke (the mama) to make it look like Audrey Hepburn. it turned our SO cute. I put a “B” tag on the Cookie bag and wrote “Houston TX” bc thats where they live and that of course is where Bailey would need to be “returned” too : ) Then I picked up some chic candle sticks, gorgeous sparkly candles, and a few other odds and ends. I already had the Tiffany boxes too. The cake was the easiest choice.. Ricks of course. They also made the cookies.  The cake turned our PERFECT! Somehow it popped in my head to make jeweled pacis to put on the cake. Bailey is much to young for an engagement ring, so a fancy paci it was! They were a huge hit. I wanted this party to be simple and chic, which was a first for me haha. Usually i have lots going on, but I just love how it turned out. The party was so much fun and the day was just beautufil! Lets get to the pics shall we….

loved the cake!

love this of me and bree belle!

pretty girl

gorgeous mom and baby girl!

precious baby!

THEN that night I was hired to take pics at a wedding. CUE nerves! I was soo nervous. I take pics all the time and have shot birthday parties but a WEDDING! OHMYWOW. It was a small yet gorgeous affair and the bride and groom were beyond photogentic. After the nerves went away I had a blast. I have only edited a few pics, bc there are SO many to go thru, but here is just one of the lovely couple.

Today was mothers day! What a beautiful day it was. Drew and my family are usually good about holidays and making sure we can make both but mothers day usually we have to go to our own families since we both do lunches. So I headed up to church for a great service then we went to Freds Hickory Inn for a yummy lunch. It was tons of fun.

Needless to say.. Im beat! Time to rest up for im sure another busy week 😉 XOXO


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  1. Cait

    what a great idea girl! i love tiffany blue too and of course tiffany & co! i love baily & co to make it more personal 🙂 great pictures as always! xo

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