Weekend of Favorites!

Hey hey pretties! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
 Friday night my sister hosted a favorite things party. It was so so SO much fun. Everyone brought 5 of their favorite thing. Then everyone went home with 5 different things that were the other guests favorite things. haah hope that made sense: ) My favorite thing was “hot pink with sparkles” which was my favorite color when i was little. I brought hot pink makeup bags and added a black sparkly flower on them. It was so much fun seeing what everyone brought and we laughed and danced the night away.

Saturday was hot football time. We played, we won and we moved up to #8 in the polls.. YESSIR! : )
That night we had a date night with my mom and jake, and rachel and shane. We went to table mesa and boy was it delish!

Fun fun weekend! Hope everyone had a great week! XOXO


5 thoughts on “Weekend of Favorites!

  1. Cait

    i love that idea of bringing 5 things and going home with 5 different things 🙂 such a great idea! ps love your outfit as well! xo

  2. Meka H

    Sounds like ya'll had a fun weekend. I like the favorites thing idea. I saw that on pinterest and said I wanted to do it. What was some of your gifts?

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