NWAFW and Weekend Recap!

Hey pretties! hope everyone had a great weekend. So we have had a busy and hectic past couple of weeks. In a nutshell, we are back on the lookout for a house. One thing after another went wrong and we are back to looking. Crazy yes, stressful yes, meant to be. yes. So if you think about it, say a prayer as this journey has already been extremely stressful!

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night was the Razorback game… we WON! I am very sad to see football season come to and end but excited to watch the SEC represent tonight in the national championship.

Saturday I spent the entire day at the Model Casting call for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Over 200 model hopefuls showed up and it was fabulous. This event is going to be huge for the area and all for such a great cause. I encourage you all to go visit the blog on the NWAFW website. So many great bloggers and if you are in the area, lots of info about the event. If you live here or are close you will NOT want to miss this.

Go here to visit the latest blog by the gorgeous Tulip Louise. I will be posted more about this event as it gets closer! : )

Saturday we went to dinner with the Sims and had a fun night out! Coming off the holidays is so strange, because your always on the go and have something to do, so it was nice to relax!

Have a great week! XOXO


2 thoughts on “NWAFW and Weekend Recap!

  1. Maria

    Same here! House hunting is not as fun as I expected. We've put countless offers and everything has fallen through. It's for the best, I guess. Good luck!
    And can't wait for tonight's game. SEC rocks! (Gator fan here.)

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