Random Chitter Chatter.

Hello Party people! How is everyone doing today? Its cold, rainy and just BLAH here in NWA. Its one of those days where I wish I woke up and they said “All adult responsibilities are cancelled” That would be nice huh. Well since there is not much going on on this dreary Wednesday, how about some randoms.
This morning I got a text from my bestie Kristin to check my email. She sent me a link for the NWA Deal Piggy Website for today’s deal of the day. Well I thought she was just sending it to me since it was for Sugarbears Doggie boutique… BUT after i loaded I noticed a very familiar furry face!
Sadie is famous 😉
Some Chevy love
Forever on the left and lulus on the right
and just for a giggle…. What in the world……. I would call these Color me BAD. yikes!

have a fantastic afternoon! XOXO


5 thoughts on “Random Chitter Chatter.

  1. Ashley

    Sadie is so precious! I wish they had a boutique for cats…of course, I don't think my cats would let me dress them up, but I would like to buy them cute collars and bowls and such!

    I'm so glad you posted that picture of nwadealpiggy–I had never heard of them, but my husband and I love Living Social and Groupon, but it's nice to have something local!

  2. GamecockQueen

    We've had nothing but rain and gray skies for days! The sun came out for two days but it was just a tease! SO sick and tired of it and ready for spring weather. I love the first dress, I may have to find some time to sneak away to the mall and hit up 21 so thanks!

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