Disappearing Family ; )

My family is pulling a disappearing act… haha no they are not leaving… they are just shrinking! haha

My mom and my two sisters have all lost weight over the past year to 6 months and OMG do they look amazing. I think its inspirational to see weight loss stories that were done the right way. Not starving yourself, not spending every waking moment at the gym and not taking drastic measures like plastic surgery. When you think about losing weight, its pretty simple.. eating right and exercise. It just not an easy thing to stick too. All three of them have lost weight in different ways and maybe one of these approaches will work for you!

Nicole- My little baby sister. She has always had a great figure. She is Tall, long legged and has a long torso. I have always said she has that perfect swimsuit body! She started her journey by a Fitness app on her iphone to keep track of her calories. She also worked out on the elliptical 4-5 days a week for 45-60 minutes. She said that the treadmill didn’t give her the results as quickly as the elliptical did. She also lifted weights and did lunges.  So by counting calories and exercise… voila! Mini Nicole : ) Is she not going to be the most gorgeous bride EVER?!?!

Before Feb 2011
After Nov 2011

My Mom- My mom is the definition of “50 is fabulous” She has always been gorgeous and us three girls thank her for our great genes : ) She started watching what she was eating and took the moderation approach. My mom could NOT live without sugar, I think she could live ON sugar haha. She has also become quite the runner. She runs on the treadmill 3-4 days a week for 45 minutes. Not to mention chasing Bree Belle around the house every day haha. Doesn’t she look amazing?

Before Jan 2011
After Novermber 2011

Rachel- Rachel posted about her journey on her blog. She has also been using a Fitness App on her iphone. She has been counting calories and cutting back on food. Her exercise is chasing around her three kids. Those adorable kiddos keep her moving! She has also been looking to God for guidance. Prayer is a powerful thing guys. She has lost 20lbs in 3 months and looks AHmazing. Rachel is proof that you can have a full time job, raise three kids and still look fabulous! No excuses ladies.

Before Oct 2011
After Feb 2012

Man, I have a pretty family : ) I hope this post inspires at least one person who is contemplating getting on the weight loss train. It takes time, dedication and will power, but it CAN be done. Do not let yourself get discouraged if you don’t see results quickly. Everyone is different. It took me 9 months, Nicole 6 months, my mom about 5 and Rachel started seeing results at 3. Everyone has a different body, but everyone can make the body God blessed you with stronger and healthier. Now Get Busy ; )



8 thoughts on “Disappearing Family ; )

  1. Crispin

    AWWW they look great! I'm trying to lose the last siz lbs of baby weight…. almost there!!!!! It's a journey that;s for sure!

    Random question, WHERE is that adorable monogrammed purse from that your sister is rocking??

  2. Meka H

    Thanks TARA! Great post. Your sister Rachel has been inspiration to me. I've been reading her blog and following her journey. All of you look GREAT! Mom is Fab at 50!

    I like that monogrammed purse as well!!!

  3. Karleen

    Yes, you do have a pretty family! Congrats on the hard work that all of you have put in to make those changes. And Thanks for the encouragement…it definitely is true that it takes a different amout of time for each of us to see changes.

  4. Emily

    I'm trying to lose some weight I put on last year and this was just the inspiration I needed, thanks!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  5. Ashley Paige

    Gorgeous, gorgeous family! Rachel is SUCH an inspiration- I'm pregnant with my second baby and I KNOW i'm going to have my work cut out for me after he's born in June! Thanks for sharing Nicole's elliptical secret- perhaps I'll be asking for one of those as my push present instead of diamonds! 😉 Happy Wednesday!

  6. Megan

    Love this! What great inspirtation stories! And I look up to Rachel so much, she is so good at balancing it ALL and still looking fabulous!!

  7. Elizabeth

    Awww, you have such a gorgeous family! Congrats to all of them on the weightloss. It's not easy but they all prove that it CAN be done. I also think it is great motivation for readers to see that Rachel lost 20 lbs in 3 months with a full time job and kiddos! If she can do it, so can we!

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