Personal Shoppin For Claire!

I was “hired” to be a personal shopper for a very special little girl this past sunday : ) Rachel asked me to take Claire spring clothes shopping! I enjoy shopping for others more than I do myself. Helping someone feel beautiful is just the best feeling. I feel like I have a pretty good eye for what looks good on different body types and I am always constantly looking for my friends and family. Taking Claire was an easy task, I mean how cute is she?!? Rachel wanted fun, versatile pieces that she could wear on the weekends since she goes to private school and wears a uniform everyday.

Our first stop was Gap. OMG the clothes were adorable there. Colored Jeans galore! We immediately snatched up every color they had in her size and then found a couple cute tops. We had to throw in a sequin tank too. Claire even picked up a skirt and handed it to me and said this looks like you. Low and behold, it fit and is seriously ADORABLE. Yes I am not ashamed to buy something from Kids Gap. Claire found these flats that were so flipping cute.  Here is the little fashionista i snapped with my iphone in her new clothes

Next stop was TJ Maxx. There is always hidden treasures at this store. We picked up three CUTE tops here.

Then it was off to Old Navy. I found this trendy aztec top and Claire found some yellow jeans she loved. We grabbed both and a cute tank and headed to our next stop.

Dillards was up next and honestly they didnt have too much. We grabbed the cutest two tops in the store and headed to our next stop! Below is one we picked up

We did run into Justice and it was pretty tough to get out of there without buying anything. She LOOOVES that store, me not so much haha. But somehow I managed to get her out of there without anything loud and obnoxious ; ) We headed over to Claires for some fun accessories..Then finally went to Target. We had a ball in target. They too had great colored jeans, tops and adorable jean jackets. She even picked up two pairs of wedges! That girl already loves her some heels.

It was such a fun day. We laughed so much that she had to take three emergency trips to the restroom haha. I look forward to more shopping trips with her in the future : )



8 thoughts on “Personal Shoppin For Claire!

  1. Ashley

    Did Justice used to be Limited Too back in the day? That's where I always shopped when I was in elementary school, and I remember the clothes were miniature versions of Mom's! Way better than what Justice has…

  2. MySweetCreations

    I saw your pictures on Twitter and knew you went to Gap! I just took my daughter there a couple of days before and we tried on the same pants and sequin tanks! I love the neon yellow and aqua combination! We also picked up the sequin white tank and the long neon yellow maxi skirt. I can also wear some of the things in kid sizes, so I always take a peek for myself! 🙂 Your not the only one!

  3. GamecockQueen

    Your little niece is gorgeous!! Gosh, I wish I was an auntie!! I'm an only child though. I love the polka dot top w/ a bow…so sassy. It's perfect for her.

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