Weekend Recap!

hey hey! Hope everyone had a great St Pattys Day Weekend!
Us girls had a little girls night out friday night. We went and ate amazing food at Greenhouse grill, met up with the boys at East Side Grill for some vino and then headed out to Dickson for a little dancing. We had a little TOO much fun . Saturday morning we all sat back and laughed on how old we are and we cant be acting like college girls haha ; )

Saturday we did have some fun shopping it up and eating some delicious food once again at Greenhouse. That night we headed to my moms for a st pattys day party! Another great night.

Sunday I shopped around for my besties shower and hung out with drew and sadie jane. A perfect sunday. The next couple of weeks are not too buys, besides shower planning, and I am loving that. We are supposed to get a LOOOT of rain. boo : ( But maybe I can finally get some cute rain boots ; )
Have a great week! XOXO


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