10 Randoms about Moi!

1. I drink coffee with just splenda. I cant do the cream thing due to my lactose issues.

2. I used to be ADDICTED to Dr Pepper. I quit cold turkey and only drink it when I may have had a few too many glasses of wine haha

3. I always buy gold jewelry not silver. And then I get so mad I dont have any silver jewelry when I need it

4. I have never died my hair, but always wonder what I would look like brunette

5. I always leave lights on everywhere I go. Its an on going joke at my moms house

6. I pitched a no hitter in softball when I was little. I was quite the tomboy. not joking 🙂 And I know more about football then a lot of men(thanks dad) ; )

7. I was 4’10 until my sophomore year of high school. Rachel thought i was a midget : ) I am 5’7 now

8. I took dance for 10 years

9. I collect Dresses like people collect stamps. Some may call me a dress hoarder

10. I have been thru 9 iphones and 9 cameras.

What are 10 random things about You?



6 thoughts on “10 Randoms about Moi!

  1. Savoir-Faire

    Don't EVER, EVER color your hair!! I take my coffee with just cream – no sweetener. I got hit in the nose at my very first softball practice in the 4th grade so I quit. I'm hardly an athlete but enjoy being active. I too am a dress hoarder – I like to think of myself as a pretty things collector. I probably know about 30% of what I should know about football… but I love the season. I, too, used to dance… but you won't find me on a dance floor unless I've had one too many. Umm… my make up routine never changes – like ever. And it takes all of 4 minutes to complete. I realized this year I am officially an adult but I've never appreciated my mom and dad more. I like to sleep – A LOT!! My favorite part of the day is coming home to Cody… and stepping foot in SF everyday.

    Fun way to start my Friday!! Thanks Tara!! Happy Weekend!

  2. hollyh

    I am the WORST at buying only gold jewelry! Thank God Bill has bought me a couple David Yurman pieces – it's my only silver!

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