Still “Winning”

I am a football loving girl. I was a tomboy growing up and was always watching sports with my dad. I am “that” girl that watches sports center at the gym. I wake up early for Game Day each week. I am a nervous wreck on big game days. I am yelling and throwing things at the TV during the games AND

I LOVE my Razorbacks!

The definition of “winning” changed for me yesterday.  Yes it was incredible to see my Hogs have an 11-2 season last year. We kicked some major booty! The Razorback spirit was at an all time high. But is the scoreboard really all that matters?

Yesterday Razorback nation was rocked.

Our Athletic Director, Jeff Long, fired our coach Bobby Petrino. Yesterday was a rare occurrence in the sporting industry where integrity trumped “winning”. Jeff Long showed the world what it means to be a leader. Not only could you tell that this was a tough decision for him, but he did so with class and emotion. I am really not surprised that this happened. Bobby has never had a great reputation. I feel as though the sporting system never let him suffer the consequences for his actions, until now.

I hope now people start praying for his family. Going thru such an awful thing is hard enough as is, but going thru it on national television is another story. Bobby’s actions hurt a lot of people, but his family is the one that is being affected the most.

As Jeff Long put it “no single individual is bigger than a team”

It’s time to show that SEC pride hog fans! There is nothing like being in the SEC and its time to really step it up for our players. WPS!!!!


8 thoughts on “Still “Winning”

  1. Emily

    I'll be sure to say some prayers, but it really is great that integrity trumped winning for once – we need more of that!

    xx Emily @

  2. Brandi

    I completely agree with you!! We will win games based on our players abilities and our fans! Razorback fans are some of the most loyal fans out there and we will support our team through and through! No coach can change that or take that away from Razorback Nation! Jeff Long did an outstanding job last night during the press conference. The world needs more leaders like him!

  3. USCEmily

    As a fellow SEC girl, I'm so happy to see that Jeff Long made the right decision- one that showed that winning is not necessarily everything. I'm sure Arkansas, with its talent, will be right back on top next year.

    I love to see coaches and athletic directors do the right thing. Our baseball coach at Carolina, Ray Tanner, is a man like that, and I have the utmost respect for him. He's kicked players off the team when it hasn't always been popular, and while some wouldn't agree at the time- you can't argue with a man who has back to back national championships. I hope that Arkansas is successful next year BECAUSE of the decision that was made to let Petrino go because it's important to show young people that being a good person is more important than winning a football game.

    Whew, LONG POST, huh!?

  4. "B"

    I am a HUGE SEC fan – though not a Razorback – GO GAMECOCKS!! 😉 I agree – no one individual is more important than the team. Way to go for setting an example and doing the right thing~

  5. Ashley

    I would also add to pray for Dorrell's fiance and her family as they have, no doubt, been dragged through this as well as Petrino's family.

  6. Janna

    What a great post! From one SEC fan to another- good luck! So refreshing to see integrity as more important than winning!

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