Silly Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits. Well here are some of my silly bad habits that I need to find a way to break! HELP : )

Bad Habit #1- Wearing clothes… twice

Its not secret that I love to shop. Some may call it a sickness, some may call it a hobby, i just call it FUN! haha. Well I have developed a BAD habit of not wearing clothes more than once. Anyone out there the same way? No?.. I am the only crazy one I guess ; )

Well let me first say, there are clothes (work clothes) that I wear all the time more than once, I just may change it up somehow. I am talking about the weekend clothes or girls night out clothes. I know this is a very STUPID thing to do. I realized it was a “problem” when I wore a dress to an event the other night and my friend said “omg, i have seen you wear that before” haha like she was in total shock. Or when I told my sister that I was going to wear this gorgeous judith march dress that i wore on the beach for an hour last year for Easter year and she laughed at me. (she was right, I got a new easter dress) A lot of my clothes are bright, fun, and memorable, especially since I buy a lot of dresses. I can probably tell you the last time I wore every single thing i have in my closet. I have a very good “fashion memory” but ask me what i learned those 3 years in Spanish in highschool, and I dont remember jack squat. Just that Spanish with a southern drawl is pretty hysterical. Its time for me to break this fashion habit! and Mother if you are reading, I partly blame this on you too haha ; )

Bad Habit #2- Staying up too late

I am always busy. I blame that solely on myself, because I never say no to anyone haha. I like being busy, dont get me wrong, but the time i have for myself i spend staying up entirely too late. I catch up on my trashy real housewife shows during this time, read blogs, online shop etc. Then I wake up at 5:15 exhausted! This habit needs to change! This lady needs more SLEEP!

Bad Habit #3- Losing Earrings

I swear, I have probably bought a 1,000 pairs of earrings and i have about eh 75 pairs accounted for. I loose them when i change into gym clothes, i lose them just walking around, I lose them by leaving them places. People have issues losing socks mysteriously, me… earrings! You would think I wouldn’t ever lose them bc of how big my earrings are, but nope, I have no idea where a lot of them go. I don’t know how many times i have had one fall off in a dressing room and the sweet girls at the boutiques always keep them for me at the register. Maybe i need to stock up on some of those clear backs?!?
Do you have any bad habits? C’mon dish them out ladies



4 thoughts on “Silly Bad Habits

  1. Katie

    I think you need to send some of those dresses my way. 🙂

    Bad habit- lunch dessert… I have no clue why i feel the need to have something sweet after lunch

  2. Dreamer921

    I didnt wear the same outfit to work for the first 6 months that I worked there. I probablly could have kept it going and going but I got tired of remembering what i did and didnt wear… you're not the only one!

  3. Pamela

    Lol the earrings thing, I have a whole box of singletons hoping their partners will turn up again!! Just today at a meeting one popped out of my ear & feel on the table in front of my boss 😀

  4. hollyh

    Once I wear something and a picture is posted on my blog or facebook, I don't want to wear it again. I mean, seriously. I'm not Princess Kate! It's not People! (and even Princess Kate recycles!)

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