Friday Fun

ITs friday!! who is excited about that?!? Well I know I am! : )
Here are some pretties to start the weekend right!
such a little cutie!

I call this the firecracker dress : )

this little diddy will go great into fall with a leather jacket and booties!
love some black and white stripes!
I just LOVED this but it was too big on me, but it is for the taller girls!

1. Navy via
2.Fire cracker Dress
3 Lace Dress
4. Stripe romper
5.Chevron maxi
6.Red Jumper white jumper

Have a fab weekend! XOXO


3 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Risa

    I love this impressions place. Their clothes are too cute! Are there any other boutiques we can shop online similar to thst?

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