Sneaky Tara

So I pulled a good one over my Brother In Law last night. He HATES those family stickers people put on their cars. So when I saw a pro type of some at my dads office I immediately thought of a great prank. So last night when we got back from our girls night, I put a the WHOLE family on his car… including the dogs and a few little extras : ) He noticed pretty early this morning and called my sister asking her if she did it haha. I am still laughing, but hope payback isnt too bad haha

excuse the dark photos, it was pitch black
Also we had a dance party in my moms kitchen yesterday. Haha. its the little things

Have a great day guys XOXO


6 thoughts on “Sneaky Tara

  1. Jennifer

    That is so funny, u have a friend who hates those stickers too and her sister pulled the same prank…dogs & cats too! Why do some people hate stickers? Lol!!!

    Also I love that my kitchen is for dancing sign, I want one!

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