Weekend Recap!

Hey Dolls! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday night I had 3 little ones come over for a night of fun! My nieces and nephew are my favorite people ever and I enjoy spending all the time I can with them. First we went to Gusanos for pizza and then off to the drive in movie theatre. We grabbed blankets, pillows, ,lots of junk food and had a blast.

Saturday we went to JJ’s to watch the Razorbacks kick some booty in Omaha! My mom and Jake met us there and we had a blast. Have you ever had fried banana peppers? Well we did saturday and they were amazing 🙂

Sunday was fathers day. My dad was off in Omaha watching the hogs (shame on him for not taking his sports loving daughter haha jk!) We went to a cookout with my grandpa and uncles at my moms. I just loved seeing all the fathers day pics on instagram today. Growing up I was my dads “boy” haha. I played sports, collected baseball cards and kicked his booty on video games. My dad would give his last dollar to a stranger if they needed it. I will never forget when my dad came to one of my softball games when I was little. He stood behind home plate and I pitched a no hitter : ) He has a giving heart and is the luckiest man on the earth… seriously, if there is a drawing, card game etc, he wins! I love ya dad!

Have a great week guys! I have some fun posts coming this week so come back! XOXO


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