One of the easiest ways to take a spring look into the fall is to slip on a blazer. I have always been a lover of a chic jacket. It can amp up a look or make a look work appropriate. And the obvious reason blazers are so fabulous is they can be instantly slimming. I believe that every girl should have a perfectly fitted blazer in her closet… or maybe two ; )

Here are some Jimmy Choo and Tennis Shoes Blazer pointers-
1. Fit is Key, you do not want to look like you are wearing your actual boyfriends blazer, or that you are only wearing a blazer. ; )
2. Roll up the sleeves! It makes your look instantly more casual. There may even be some cute lining in the jacket that is begging to be seen! Everyone knows clothes have feelings.. duh
3. Always try them on and move around…Stretch your arms out, sit down and bonus points for awesome dance moves : )
4. Add a lil something- Flowers, pins, etc.
5. Do not be afraid of color! If you love hot pink but you do not think its “your color” wear a hot pink blazer with denim and a white T.

Here are a few of my current favs.
would be super cute over a dress

Classic and just about works from everything to cut offs to a dress

this would be adorbs in the fall with some rolled up boyfriend jeans

This entire outfit screams a shopping day with the girls

This denim blazer is so on trend and would be adorable with a vintage rocker T
love the fun lining!
super fun and HOT!
1. Studded Blazer here
2. Classic Boyfriend Style here
3. Preppy Blazer here
4. Teal Blazer here
5. Denim Blazer here    
6. Red Blazer here
7. Peak a Boo here
Happy Shopping lovies! XOXO


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