Camera Never Lies

Taking the “mirror” pictures has become quite the norm these days. Camera phones are a must for any fashionista. I have been taking pictures of my outfits for about 6 years now. It started when I was out shopping and couldnt decide on what dress to get or if something looked silly. So I snapped away and then shot text messages to my friends and sisters. They all thought I was crazy back then for taking pictures, but they soon realized, like I did, that taking pictures really gives you a better look at the clothes on you. ANNNND  you can get a second opinion in a matter of seconds! Its kinda like virtual shopping with your besties when they cant be there! Some people needs lots of memeory on their iphones for movies, or games or songs… Me.. I need more memory for my clothing pictures haha ; )

Another great thing to do with your trusty camera phone is to take pictures of you outfits before you travel. I am a notourious over packer. I mean isnt every girl? I like to have plenty of options because you never know what may come your way. So to tame myself a bit, I take pictures of my outfits down to the accessories before I leave. This helps you pack just what you need and also ensures you will not forget that PERFECT pair of earrings. I have started planning my vegas outfits…..

Another fab thing about taking pictures of your outfits is when you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes or accessories for an outfit you have at home. You can pull up the picture, look at the color, neckline etc and use it as a guide! Saves time, and me money because I hate returning things haha.

I am telling you Phillip Kahn, THE inventor of the camera phone, is a genuis… but Phillip… next time you go tie shopping.. text me some pics.. You can do WAY better than that! : )


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2 thoughts on “Camera Never Lies

  1. Southern California Chic

    I do the same thing girl!! I take all these pics of outfits and realize that there is a pair of ikat shorts I want to being but they only match one shirt! It's a feat way to minimize! Great tips 🙂

    XO Lucy

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