Hair Tips!

Lets talk hair!

So Its no secret that THIS girl has a lot of hair. You can tell by my mom and sisters that we are blessed with thick hair. But being blessed with good hair is just the beginning, you have to take care of it!

I am a girl that washes my hair almost everyday. I have been told thats AWFUL for your hair and you should try dry shampoo. Well sorry, not gonna happen. I workout almost everyday and I do not feel clean unless I wash my hair.

Yall would be pretty surprised how fast I am, probably because I do it everyday, but still, im fast :). Here is my process

1. Shampoo- With one of these shampoos below. I massage my scalp, did you know this promotes hair growth. Well someone told me that and I believe them : ) The Cristaliste Shampoo by kerestase is made for girls with long hair and it smells AHmazing. TheBain Satin by Kerastase is still my favorite though. I use Garnier almost everyday though.

2. Conditioner- just the ends. Your ends are the most damaged part of your hair so it makes sense thats the part that needs the attention. I leave on for a few min, depends on how much time I have. I use the conditioner below. I have also liked Suave Pro Captivating Curls and L’oreal Vive.

3. Let Air Dry- I let my hair air dry for about 10-15 min. I spend this time putting my makeup on, or picking out my outfit or etc.  I think this is what helps keep my hair healthy and shiny.

4. Blow dry- I am a tip er head over kind of girl. haha. but first I start by just blow drying while moving my hair around with my hands. Then I tip my head over and blow dry until almost dry and then finish by brushing and smoothing down.

6. Curl- I used an 1 inch barrel curling iron. I have used the Conair $10.00 iron for YEARS, im talking probably 15 years. I have used wigos in the past and have loved them, but you cant beat $10! I section my hair in three parts. I start with the first section and curl from the root down and some parts from the bottom up. I think this gives my hair texture. When I am done with one section i pin it back and pull the next part down and so on. I use more hair spray if I am wanting my curls to stay more in tact, but if not i just lightly spray at the end.

Other Products I love- I rarely use products on my hair, but kerastase makes AMAZING serums. I use the in the summer to tame frizz on a humid day and it doesn’t take but a dime size for  my head of hair. AND when you use the serums, I find that hair drys faster.  The Oleo-relax i have used for years, but the Elixer Ultimate is just plain awesome!


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  1. Christine

    I love that you shared these tips – your hair is gorgeous!! Do you color it at all? Would also love to know your 'day in the life' work out and also what you typically eat – how do you stay so thin? Love your blog!

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