Back to Basics

hey ladies! So today we are talking basics and I need to listen to myself : ) I am SO awful about not buying basics. I mean a sparkly dress is always more fun to buy then an plain white T right? Unfortunately we cant wear sequins every day. Basics are so important to have in your closet. You can dress them up, you can dress then down. I have probably said 100 times before I went shopping that I was going to buy every white or black tank I saw. When I come home, its never in my bag. So i am making an oath this Fall to snatch up good quality well fitted basics. Who is with me? : )

Here are some cutie basics I found today while searching.

1. Basic Baby doll T via
2. Basic Sweater via
3. Preppy Basic Cardi via
4. Pleated pocket Cardi via
5. Basic Black Blazer via
6. Basic Black Shift via
7. Basic Piko T via
8. Layering Weekend tank via
9. Chiffon White Button up via


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Kilbi

    Can you tell me where 6 and 7 are from? I tried clicking the links but they didn't work. I need those perfect basics :)!

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