Football Fashion Fridays!

Its finally Friday yall! That means its time for some some Football Fashion ladies!

This week we Its  Kentucky Blue and Tennessee Orange.

Kentucky Blue

1. Open Sleeve Kentucky Blue Dress via
2. Open Back Kentucky Dress via
3. Fancy Back kentucky dress via
4. Ruffle Kentucky Dress via
5. One Shoulder Dress via
6. Kentucky Blue Shirt via
7. Ruffle Kentucky via
8. One Shoulder top via
9. Blue Blazer via
Tennessee Orange

1. TN Dress via
2. Polka Dot TN via
3. TN Purse via
4. Orange Ruffle TN dress via
5. Orange Polka Dot top via
6. TN Skinny Jeans via
7. TN Shopper Tote via

Next week will be the Aggies and Florida!



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