My Birthday Fun!!

Hey hey! Well we are back from Chicago and boy did I had a fabulous 29th birthday!!
First lets talk about my girls party i had on thursday! The theme was all about what goes into making the perfect dress. I had it at Pinnacle Country Club this year(thanks dad!) and they were amazing. I added flowers to a dress form for the center of the table and then I used actual patterns as the runner. I then made a mini confetti system for the two side arrangements. I found the cutest wooden thread spools that I used all over the table. I used tiny ones for the name tags that i added thread to and then I used large ones in clear vases. I made little fabric bolts for the side pieces and even put scraps on them! I added measuring tapes, jars of sequins and wooden boxes that said “buttons” on them. Each guest got a black velvet hanger and a closet organizer that I jazzed up. We had a delicious meal and had an absolute wonderful time!

Friday we were off to chicago! Sadie Jane was pretty mad we were leaving her : (

We got to Drews friends house in Chicago and got all dressed up for a fun night out on the town. We went to Sushi Samba and it was AMMMAzing! so good! We then went out for some dancing and fun. Such a great birthday night

Saturday we got up and did some shopping. I got lots of pretties from top shop(where I had some personal shopping fun!) and zara. We then ate at the purple pig for lunch. SO SO SOooo good. I mean cheese, wine and swine… thats my language

That night we got dressed up again for the last night out. We were planning on going ot Frontera Grill but the wait was nuts so we headed over to shaws for some delicious seafood.

Today we at some yummy tacos at Big Star and then headed home. Such a great birthday weekend. I dont think 29 is going to be THAT bad ; )
Hope you guys had a great weekend! XOOX


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