House Randoms!

I am the absolute worlds worst about mailing things! Example- I have had my moving announcements for..ummm 4 weeks and I have yet to mail them! Anyone else like this? I am so not a lazy person, but when it comes to waiting in line at the post office, I totally am

neways.. here they are! I think they are pretty cute : )

Speaking of our house, its coming along so nicely! I still get so giddy when I think about owning a home. I have definetly caught the decorating bug and I am always looking for new pretties for the house. Here are some recent things we added.

My dad got us some custom bookshelves made for our house. I just love how big and tall they are. I am going to add silver hardware to them, just havent found the right ones yet. Also the TV is not going to be there, its being put above the fireplace. We are going to have a custom painted table and chair under the crown with a lamp.

I started working on my fall decor! I made this arrangement for my dining room table yesterday.

My grandma got me this adorable iron rocker for our porch. I just adore it!

Miss Sadie Jane was not left out of any room in the house. She has a bed for each room. But of course she chooses my chaise lounge for her sleeping spot ; )

Hopefully one day I will get everything “almost” done and do a full house tour on the blog. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Tmrw will be Football Fashion, so be sure to come back! XOXO


4 thoughts on “House Randoms!

  1. Valerie

    Everything looks AmAzing!! Of course, and yes i have a big box of bday cards, etc.. that never got sent out! We have good intentions at least 🙂 where oh where dis you find that big 'ol crown?!!! Please share! :))

  2. Annie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about your house in this post!! Can't wait to see the table and lamp under the crown! I'm sure it will look amazing!! Love your taste! I want it 😉

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