Coolest House on the Block

So I am pretty excited for halloween this year and its not because I am excited about dressing up…. I am pumped for trick or treaters to come to our new house! Yeah we only have like one neighbor, but they have a little boy and we have never had trick or treaters before!

When I was a kid, I would always cringe when I saw those dreaded black and orange maple like candy at neighbors houses. You would never know on the outside, I always smiled and politely thanked the neighbors. Of course wen I got home I tried to talk my little sister into trading me for some reeses peanut butter cups. “Nicole you will get FOUR pieces of candy for ONE of yours”  She caught on to my scheme rather quickly : ) So I am going to help you be the cool house on the block and give you some unique ideas to jazz up your treats!

**These treats would be better for people you “know” due to some of them not being sealed**
1. Test tube Candies- So Hobby lobby has these mini bottles that look like test tubes with a cork on top. How precious would they be filled with candy corn? I would even throw on a cute sticker to jazz it up or line it with scrapbook paper like below.

2.  Ziplock Bags 2.0- This one is an easy one! Print off a  cute clipart with a fun saying on a rectangle piece of paper , fill up a snack size ziplock bag with some treats and staple on the paper to the top!

3. Mustache Straws w/ Juice Box or Coke- Trick or treating can be a strenuous thing for little people and it can make them very parched.  : ) Solution- Print off a mustache stencil, hole punch it (or glue it) and attach to a straw! Tape these on a can of Sprite or a juice box and voila! a cute little treat!
4. Smores Packs- Who does love an ooey gooey smore? During halloween they usually have individually packed mini marshmallows and of course hershey bars. Throw those in a cute bag with some graham crackers and the kiddos can make their own smore when they get home.

5. Hot Chocolate Favors- You can buy disposable coffee cups at walmart and target that are perfect for this treat. Drop in a packet of hot chocolate, a mini pack of marshmallows and your done! Throw on a cute tag to make it even more special.

So there you have it. You will be the talk of the block with these treats : )



5 thoughts on “Coolest House on the Block

  1. Kara

    This is totally a cute idea for the kiddos you know as well! or for a "boo" kit (our neighborhood "boos" each other)… I am that mother who sadly has to confiscate homemade or open treats from her kids because I am too nervous about all the bad people out there. But love the idea!

  2. Cas

    Our first year in our house my bride went all out for halloween, she made the cutest little bags filled with different kinds of color coordinated candies tied with matching ribbon. No one came, not a single knock on the door, we sat on the couch for 3 hours with a platter filled with little bags in our lap for nothing. I hope you have better luck!

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