Every girl thinks about what it would be like to be a mama. You ask yourself so many questions…

How is it going to feel to be pregnant?
Am I going to have problems getting pregnant?
I wonder if I will have a boy or a girl?
How many kids am I going to have?
Will I be a good Mom?

Being a mother is something I look forward to so so much. One of the main reasons why this excites me is because of my own mother. I am extremely blessed to have such an awesome mom. She is my best friend, she still sets me straight when I am wrong, and she gives the best advise. My mother is not only gorgeous, but she has the brains too.  Of course she taught me to never wear white shoes after labor day and to always leave the house presentable.  But, She has also taught me to always take the high road, no matter how lonely it is…To never let the little things get in the way in relationships…. Most importantly, that family is everything.

Raising Kids is one of the hardest jobs in life. My mom had the challenge of raising THREE hard headed, strong willed and passionate girls. My mom did it with grace and made it look easy. I hope when my time comes to be a mom, I can be even half as good as a mother, as she is to my sisters and I.

Happy Birthday Mom!



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