The Perfect Match

Finding your perfect match is like finding the missing puzzle piece.  Must be the perfect fit on all sides and be apart of a perfect picture.  Every girl has certain qualities they want in a partner. Sometimes you think you know what you want on the outside, but that could totally change when you get to know someone on the inside.

Drew and I have been together for a DECADE in January. So crazy to even think about that. People say Drew and I are complete opposites. I am organized, high strung and always on the go. Drew is laid back and always goes with the flow. We balance each other out and that is something we both need. In our first year of dating our relationship was put thru the ringer.  Drew had a heart attack and he also lost his father and grandfather the same year. (Read about here) I think about that year all the time. I was so strong when everything was happening, but when I think about it now, its absolutely terrifying. Our love is not a typical fairytale. Our love is Real, has been tested and stronger than ever. I think that’s a true fairytale.

I know God was thinking about me when he made Drew. Four years ago tomorrow we got married and we thank the Lord daily for bringing us together. We are so incredibly blessed in so many ways, but my biggest blessing is my husband.

I Love you Drew Gibson.


8 thoughts on “The Perfect Match

  1. Melissa

    So sweet! Dustin and I are very similar. I am much more high strung and he is so calm. I think the opposite personalities mesh well. Happy anniversary! I love that wedding picture of y'all!

  2. Kendra Strickland

    Happy anniversay. That totally made me wanna shed a little happy love tear. <3 I'm a big time romantic and I agree…yalls story sounds like a real fairytale…tested, tried and true 🙂

  3. Ashley

    Congrats and happy anniversary! My husband and I have been put through the ringer as well with health problems, job hunting/unemployment, and family issues, but like you pointed out–it has made us stronger and closer!

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