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I have been in the corporate world for 10 years now and the saying is true. “you spend more time with your co-workers than you do anyone else in your life”.  I have gained some AMAZING friendships from each job I have worked at, not to mention my Hubby! (we worked together for SIX years)  So, I always try to give my co workers a little something each Christmas.  Pinterest is filled with tons of ideas, but here are a few of my favs

1 .Coffee Addicts- Hello my name is Tara, and do not speak to me until I have had my cup of coffee. ; ) Kidding Kidding kind of  There are all sorts of awesome coffee cups available you could gift your co-workers. I adore these lip print coffee cup and this coffee thermos!
2. Can I Borrow your Pen?- Well you can get free pens from your office, but these hilarious pens are just a hoot. Wrap up a pen for each co-worker with a notebook and you are sure to get a few laughs. BONUS- order a personalized notebook via tinyprints : ) 
Inappropriate Pens via
3. Candy!- Well who doesn’t like candy? There are TOOONS of cute ideas on pinterest for candy gifts. My fav is the candy cane sled stacked high with candy bars.
4. Mistle-toes- I saw this months ago and fell in love. I have 2 girl co workers that I plan on gifting this to. You can make your own gift tag or find a  Mistletoe Printable via. My favorite polish is this winter collection 
5. Santa-tizer- We all need to say germ free in the office so we do not get each other sick. Wrap up a cute little sanitizer to look like a Santa suit with some scrap book or wrapping paper. This is very inexpensive and hopefully will keep everyone a little healthier : ) I adore this brand because it smells like peppermint!
6. Hot Chocolate Station- if your office has a keurig bring in some k cups, marshmallows, candy canes etc. Or bring a thermos full of hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy with the same fixins. Nothing says Christmas then some peppermint hot chocolate. The sugar rush will come in handy while everyone is trying to meet those last minute numbers : )

Head here for more gift ideas!



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  1. Ashleigh Nichole

    I pinned the first one on my pinterest page a long time ago! I could not get over how cute it is… I think its just too dang adorable & that is the one I did for some of my ladies 🙂 I know they will love it…Great post!

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