{Fancy} Bag Lady

As women, there are two things we don’t stress about buying, shoes and pretty clutches. We will always stay the same shoes size and if we have big feet we learned to embrace that many many years ago ; )

Clutches are just flat out FUN to buy. Have you every been fully dressed and then find yourself  frantically searching for a purse to match? One way to fix that is to have a basic Metallic and black clutch in your wardrobe. Another way to fix it, is to go find yourself a showstopper clutch to match that perfect outfit. There are SO many incredibly fabulous options available right at your clicking fingertips. Your favorite lip gloss and cell phone will be traveling in style in any of these options below. My clever mother decorates with them in her closet, so when your hubby cringes at the price tag, tell him its home decor too. Maybe while he is scratching his head and thinkin about that, he will not notice you already bought and paid for it haha ; ) Hey its worth a try right?

(psss. I have seen the anthro ones in person and Ohhh My Stars, they are stunning!)

1. Anthro Sea Mosaic Clutch via
2. Anthro Manjusha Clutch via
3. Zara Beaded Box Clutch via
4. Ornate Stud Clutch via
5. Feather Clutch via
6. JS Bow Clutch via
7. Asos Feather Clutch via
8. Faille Bag via
Have a fab day! XOXO


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