Pajama Rama!

I am sure a lot of you have seen all sorts of instagramers and bloggers posting about those adorable polka dot PJs from Target. They are sold out online and you may see two girls brawling in the aisle for the last pair. Polka dots do crazy things to girls. I have even contemplated having an instagram PJ day since we all love to take pictures of ourselves in cute PJs drinking hot chocolate. Guilty here, and I am sure I will be guilty again! sue me ; )

All kidding aside, a cute PJ set is hard to pass up. I too have the target ones and I am actually blogging in them now. Yeah its 9:30 and I am still in them no judging. I have the luxury of working from home two days a week and you bet your mama’s homemade chicken noodle soup you will find me in some sort of PJ set for the majority of those days ; )

So… I thought I would share some cute sets I have found while shopping online for Christmas presents!

The first one is a doozie. One of my instagram followers sent me a link to matching family PJs… even for your dog! My followers know me so well haha. The site she sent me had everything from penguin prints to gingerbread men. I have talked my hubby into plenty of things, but penguin PJs on Christmas morning will NOT be one of them. So we settled for plaid.

Silly? of course! Appropriate for Christmas Morning?.. you betcha!

Next up is Belk. Now silly me couldn’t even make my mind up on which pair to get so I walked out with nothing. I can be indecisive sometimes. ; ) But they have lots of cute options!

missed out on Target polka dots? Get these here
Pink here Penguin here
Last year my family and I got these PJs for New Years Eve. Yes we all LOVE to dress up, but putting these adorable pjs on after dinner was the BEST decision ever.

Ralph Lauren PJs have ALWAYS been my favorite. Their Tartan Plaids are perfection. You can find them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls ALL the time, but here are some cute ones from nordies.

Forever 21 has some very affordable pj bottoms and I am loving this CUTE satin set.
Happy Pj Shoppin! XOXO


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