Thursday Thoughts

This past Tuesday us girls met up for a girls night for my best friend Kristy’s birthday. We all had a little laugh about how much our girls night conversations have changed over the years. We used to talk about our plans for the weekend or what we are going to wear and now we talk about babies, families, and house decorating.

Last night I was on facebook and my heart became very heavy for a few of our friends. There are a lot of people going thru things good and heartbreaking. Today I ask that you say a few lil prayers for them all.

My friend Jennifer and her husband Andy(who i used to work with) are about to have their first baby! Please pray that Jennifer has an easy delivery and that their baby boy comes into this world safe and sound.

Drew and my friends Alan and Allison just had their first baby about 12 weeks ago! Allison is going back to work soon and I can only imagine how hard that will be. Please pray for peace and comfort for Allison.

The owner of Blue Door Boutique, Amber, lost her baby girl to Trisomy 18. I do not know Amber personally, but you can tell she has a wonderful giving heart and is a strong Christian women. Please pray for comfort for her and her family as they go thru this tragic time. 

Have a blessed day!


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