Liquid Gold

Hey dolls! So I had full intentions of getting one of the giveaways up today, and of course I got sidetracked with my bedroom makeover. Check my instagram this weekend (themrsgibby) for the first giveaway!

So when it comes to my hair, I have a routine. I get it cut religiously every 9-10 weeks, I blow dry it the same way, I have used the same mixture of shampoos for years and I have used Kerastase serums/elixirs for about 9 years. I am the same way when it comes to my makeup. I will try a new mascara here and there and a fun shade of lipstick, but my “base” products have been the same for years.

Let me tell you about the fantastic Kerastase elixirs. Every time I go see my fabulous hair dresser Taylor, I say “use that liquid gold stuff” Guys this stuff is FANfreakingtastic! A few of my instagram friends said that birchbox sent out samples last month of this particular one, so some of you may have gotten a chance to try it.  This product makes your hair very shiny, tames the frizz in the summer heat, and smells down right delicious. I use about a nickle size pump after my hair is towel dried. I distribute the product about 3/4 the way up my hair, concentrating on the ends.  The price tag on the large bottle is $59. This may seem high but this bottle can last up to a year, and that’s about .16 a day (broke it down for ya!; )) You can use this product pre or post styling and also as a treatment. This formula may be too heavy for finer hair, but not to worry there are 3 more formulas. Check them all out here.

Post Trim 
And this week would not be complete without sharing this RZ moment my lil niece had on tuesday….

I mean do you not just die?
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend with your families. Please take time to remember the significance of today. To me this day signifies the true meaning of unconditional Love. 
“Give thanks to God. A thankful attitude release so much joy in your life”.   
Have a blessed weekend loves!

** Please note this is not a sponsored post by Kerastase.. 
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