Baby Gibby Details!

WOW guys, I cant even thank you all enough for all the messages on here, instagram, twitter, facebook, texts etc. I seriously am overwhelmed!  We are SO excited and feel SO so blessed. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

So the details of lil gibby……

When did you find out?
We found out on St Patrick’s Day (hence the green shoes in our announcement) I think we are destined for a red head for sure now!

How did you tell Drew?
We started trying in November and let God be in control. The afternoon I tested I just had a feeling I was pregnant. I had all these cute ideas on how I was going to tell Drew, but of course I didn’t follow thru with any of them because I was WAY too excited. I immediately went into our living room and told Drew, “I think I am pregnant” There was lots of “nuh uh” “omg!” “are you serious!” said. We both sat there smiling and then I immediately went and got a few more tests… just to be sure 🙂 What happens in New York… goes home with you y’all ; )

How did you tell your family and Friends?

I knew my family was not expecting anything because I had not been showing any signs of being pregnant.  I had to think fast because I was WAY to excited to keep this inside. I grabbed two tests, wrapped them up in a birchbox and headed over to my moms. I knew that I could use this as a prop to trick them. For instance “Hey, tell me if you like this color?” or “Do you want anything in this birchbox?” Well I got everyone’s reaction on video! I decided to text all my friends so I could save all of their texts back. We called Drew’s family and we made recordings of all those conversations as well.   I made a quick video to show my family and friends reactions and will have the full one made very soon! : )

How have you been feeling?
I have been TIRED. I have never been a napper and boy do I nap now. I also get very nauseous when I eat. I usually can only eat about half of my food , so I have been eating small meals throughout the day. I honestly think if I have not coached myself over the years on how to not get sick (my girly times have always been awful) then I would be getting sick a lot. Basically, its hard for me to eat, but if I don’t eat a lot throughout the day, I feel awful. Hasn’t been very fun, but I am very thankful I haven’t been horribly sick.

Honestly, when I think about food, I start feeling sick. I have been craving marinara sauce/tomatoes and sweet tarts. When I go to the grocery store, I come home with the most random things! It is quite comical.

Body Changes?
I lost a little weight in the beginning and the over past month have put that back on.

Boy or Girl?
I have always said I will have all boys, but right we think its a Girl.  My mom and little sister are thinking boy and my older sister is thinking Girl.  My nieces are totally convinced its a girl.:)  We have no preference besides a healthy baby. We do have front runners for names and I will share those once we know what we are having. Below is a pic of Drew and I as babies… I was a CHUNK and he was TEENY!

So Whats Next on the Blog?
This will not turn into a full on pregnancy blog, but I will be writing about my pregnancy of course. I still plan on doing outfit posts and plan on styling my friends and family throughout the summer. I will be rockin the bump in style ; )

I am SO SO excited about this next chapter in our lives. I am praying that God delivers us a healthy baby. Thank you all again for the sweet words and prayers. We appreciate them more than you know!


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  1. The Sequined Spaniel

    That is such a sweet video to have! I just teared up watching it! It's a great idea to keep in mind for when my time comes 🙂

    You're going to be SO CUTE!!!!!


  2. momMYsliceoflife

    I instantly teared up at your mom's reaction! SO sweet! Congrats again! I can't wait to see how you style your (sure to be precious) baby bump and then how you'll dress that sweet little baby when it comes!

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