Love and Marriage- Where It All Began

Today I am taking a break from the fashion side of this blog to participate in the Love and Marriage Series.

Where it all started……

November of 2003 I started a new job at JB Hunt Transportation. I was in college getting my Computer Information systems degree and I finally got my first “big girl” job. My first week of training I spotted a very handsome man at the water fountain. I asked my new buddy at work who this mystery man was. She told me his name was Drew Gibson and that he was a shy one in the office. This of course intrigued me and I decided to go ahead and put myself out there. Each day I would sit closer and closer to Drew. I finally got the courage to speak to him on day five. I asked him how to do a certain work operation on the computer, that I already knew how to do, but hey it broke the ice. Each day we talked more and more. Finally after about two weeks, Drew called me and asked me out on a date.

I remember everything about our first date. Drew had on these striped jeans and a crisp white shirt, I had on black flare pants with a silver halter top (oh we were styling ;)). I instantly felt at home around him. We got to Sho Gun and when the waitress took our drink orders I had to break it to him that was not 21 yet. He was surprised, but didn’t run for the hills. After dinner we went to a pool hall where I kicked his booty. He was not surprised by this. 😉 After our first date we were pretty much inseparable.

On our year anniversary Drew took me to Vail Colorado for a romantic ski vacation. The resort was absolutely heavenly. It was my first time skiing so I had to go to ski school while Drew went snowboarding. About 4 hours into class, I had to take a break. School on a vacay was not for me ha! I went to our room and heard the phone ringing. I picked it up and the couple we were with told me that Drew was at the hospital and had broken his leg. The hotel was absolutely amazing in getting me to the hospital as quickly as possible. When I arrived I found Drew and also found out that he not only broke his leg, but it was a compound fracture. He had surgery that night and then was released the next day. It went downhill from here. He was incredibly sick from all the medications they gave him. I was on the phone each day with the nurses trying to get something to relieve his pain and nausea. It was so bad, that we had to fly him home and I drove our car home alone. It was absolutely awful to see Drew in this state. I felt helpless, but tried my best to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

About 4 months later I got the worst call of my life. I was at JB Hunt and Drew’s friend called me. He told me that Drew was at the hospital and that he had a heart attack while he was at the gym. I don’t really remember if I screamed or just jumped up and ran out the door. I called my mom and sisters and headed to the hospital. When I arrived I found Drew hooked up to every machine possible in the ER and his Dad kneeled beside his bed. I rushed over and held his hand and started praying over and over again. Everyone in the room was trying to prepare me for the worst, but I wouldn’t listen. Drew got stable and they took him to the ICU. He was heavily medicated so he couldn’t speak. They also had to restrain him because he had the instinct to get the heck out of dodge. The next day they ran test after test AFTER TEST and couldn’t find out what was wrong. Drew continued to stay medicated and one night didn’t recognize me. That is when I finally broke down. I had probably gotten 5 hours of sleep in about 6 days and had not left the hospital but once when my mom and sister made me go eat. I had been SO strong and had not let any negative thoughts get in my brain. But that absolutely made me break down. The next day Drew was more himself. He was talking, acting normal and was absolutely ready to get out of the hospital. They decided to put in a defibrillator for precautionary reasons. We all think it had to be a blood clot from his leg that had dissolved. Most people do not survive those types of things. God hand his hand over Drew and I am so grateful because I was not ready to let go of him.

Fast Fwd to 4 years later…

In December of 2007 Drew came to pick me up for a nice dinner out. We were driving away from my house and he asked where I wanted to go eat. He couldn’t stop smiling and then pulled into James at the Mill. I instantly got butterflies in my stomach. Drew took me to look at rings in February(the boy made me wait 10 months!), so I had a feeling something was up. He led me to a room and when I opened the door there were candles and flowers EVERYwhere. I started bawling of course and walked inside. I saw a ring box and champagne sitting on a table and when I turned around he was on his knee. We laughed, cried, and of course I had to call my mom and sisters. It was absolutely perfect. This is also when I started my blog.

We were married 11 months Later on November 15th. Our wedding was a southern fairy tale. It was everything I had ever hoped for and more. I planned every single detail with the help of my mom and sisters. I loved the entire process because it was joining Drew and I together.

We honeymooned in Napa and then Hawaii. Drew’s step mother spared no expense and gave us a trip of a lifetime.

Now Here we are today, 10 years later going stronger than ever. Drew and I are complete opposites yet alike in so many ways. I thank God daily for putting a man in my life that loves me (and my dog ;)) with his whole heart. We have been thru so many hardships and have always come out stronger. We work at our marriage daily sometimes hourly. I am a stubborn red head and his is as bull headed as it comes. To me a successful relationship is about forgiving and being the best version of yourself. We are stronger together than apart. I know whatever life throws at us, we can handle it as long as we are together.

Psalm 71:20 “You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again.”

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10 thoughts on “Love and Marriage- Where It All Began

  1. Jennifer

    Oh wow! You are going to have SO much to share next week when we talk about trials. You've been through more than most married couples. Very thankful that you can see God's hand on everything!

  2. Kiki

    I am so glad you guys made it rthrough everything! i love learning about other married couples!! Have a great day gorgeous

  3. nyc

    I just started following your blog this week (been a follower on IG for about a month or so) and enjoy your style a bunch.

    Its always nice to hear a bit more of the "real life" around bloggers. Some of the things about your relationship remind me a bit of my own…especially the whole stubborn red-head (plus part latina) combined with his own stubbornness and Italian passion. Makes it hard work sometimes, but relationships/marriage take work (especially the right ones).

    You lifted my spirits a bit that you had a long relationship and he waited SO terribly long to propose. My better half has had a ring for 6 months and I want to strangle him, daily haha.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing. You reminded me that its not always easy and how much prayer truly helps keep it all together. Glad things for the two of you came out on the positive side 🙂

  4. *CaNdY FiT*

    Oh my goodness. What a beautiful story. I can feel the love both in your writing and in your pictures.

    This made me smile!

    Cheers to everlasting love xoxoxo

  5. Heather

    Here via the link-up and I really enjoyed reading your story – it's clear that your relationship has been through ups and downs and has stood the test of times and that is so inspirational!

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