Life {and Baby Gibby} Update

First and foremost, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to Oklahoma. My heart aches for the families of the victims and the first responders. After going to Joplin days after the massive tornado swept thru two years ago, I cant even imagine it being worse than that. May God lay his hands over everyone in Moore OK.

This weekend while my hubby went camping, I spent some time getting things ready for our Gender reveal party. I cant even explain how excited I am to find out what we are having! I have so many ideas for both boy and girl that its eating me alive with anticipation! eeeeeeeep!

My outfit Saturday….

 Top Target || Skirt Lulus (last year) || Necklace Very Jane
Saturday night Sadie and I went over to my sisters to hang outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I love spending time with the kiddos. 
shorts Gap (on sale!) || top Forever 21 || Sandles Vincent Camuto (Old) ||
Sunday was Claire and Bree’s dance recital! This was Brees first dance recital and boy was she ADORABLE. Claire blows me away every-time she dances. She is growing up to such a gorgeous and talented young lady. I cant wait to watch her grow into the amazing dancer she is destined to be. 

The theme of the recital was party, so I threw on my favorite neon skirt from Savoir Faire and this gorgeous pretty from Maude

We are at 13 weeks!! I do not have a bump to show off yet, but Baby Gibby is growing strong. 
Here is my weekly update.
Boy/Girl- We hope to find out in 3 weeks! Our doctor is taking a peek for us at our next appt and we also have an appt scheduled with a specialist. Gender Reveal is scheduled for June 14th, pending baby gibbys stubbornness.  WE.CANT.WAIT
Cravings- Still lots of fruit, orange juice, and cold veggies. Another aversion is Mexican Food. My baby is making me eat things I used to hate and not eat things I used to love. Its so funny. 
Weight Gain/Loss- I still tracking around my normal weight and still wearing my normal clothes. I have picked up quite a few things for when the bump decides to pop : )
Symptoms- This past Friday my Sciatic nerve decided to flare up. I had issues walking without it hurting. I have rested quite a bit and it is getting better. I hope it continues to get better. The nausea has still been about the same, but I seem to be getting more energy back. 
Fit Mom- I had to take a break this past week from my workouts due to the nerve pain. The Dr told me to get back into it once I start feeling better because exercise does help.
Mommy Moment- Drew and I have been thinking of names and we go around the house yelling them to see how they sound. It cracks me up because that is what will fill our house sooner than later : )
Dreaming About- I am looking forward to finding out what we are having! I find myself looking at baby clothes, room decor and writing names in cursive daily. I don’t think i have ever been this excited.about something!
Have a great day pretties!

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  1. Melissa @Momma Running in Heels

    I laugh at the aversion to mexican. I was never a huge fan of it, but oh my! While I was prego, I CRAVED it! I had a girl. But at our gender reveal, I went through a list of myths and most of the "you're having a boy" myths we hit… we fooled everyone! Can't wait to hear all about your reveal.

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