{17 Weeks} Baby Gibby Update!


Weight Gain/Loss- Put on another 2lbs, taking the total to 3. Still wearing my normal jeans and clothes. Some tops/dresses are getting a bit snug up top which is something I am not used too haha. 
Fit Mama- Getting energy back and still doing 3-4 day workout sessions. 
Symptoms- I still have good and bad days with headaches and the nausea is getting a lot better.  
Cravings- This weekend I was able to eat Mexican (omg!) and even steak. Meat has not sounded good to me at all the past 4 months, so this was huge. My mom and I ate Mexican for lunch, which lunch is usually never an issue for me, but just being around Mexican food and not wanting to run other direction is a big deal haha. I could eat cucumbers and tomatoes any time of the day and fruit smoothies always sound amazing. 
Mama Moment- We are starting to plan the room and I am SO excited! I have so many ideas i cant wait to share with yall. I may want to move into Olivia’s room when its finished. I also felt my first “thump” last night! 🙂
Dreaming about- So lets talk about dreaming literally. I mean the things I dream are down right nuts. Any other expecting mamas dream crazy things?
Funny Moment-  Sadie Jane has become quite attached me to me. She doesn’t even listen to her daddy anymore haha. She is such a good dog and I don’t think we will have any issues with her and the baby, but any suggestions on how to transition pets with new babies would be appreciated!. 
Have a Great day!!!

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6 thoughts on “{17 Weeks} Baby Gibby Update!

  1. Jessica M

    I had CRAZY pregnancy dreams from the very beginning! We have a Maltese who is very attached to me. We started by setting his boundaries, even before the baby came. Like shutting the nursery room door so he knew it wasn't his. We brought in some baby blankets and stuff, let him sniff them but then reinforced they weren't his. When she finally got home, we made sure to have new 'babies' (his play toys) for him so he was a bit distracted and had something new. Now, he's super protective of our baby and comes and gets us if she cries. I'm sure your Sadie will do great!

  2. Kara

    i agree with above- we set boundaries (granted we have part pit/lab dog, big dog) but she wasn't allowed in nursery- but she would always be sitting at the door whenever we would be setting it up. When we came home we brought in a blanket for her to sniff then brought in our baby and let her sniff him- we knew she wouldn't bite b/c she's not a biter- she loves our baby boy and if he cries she will come to us and whine until we fix it- it's pretty cute- we let her give him kisses too on the arms/legs- and we make sure to still give her attn = )

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