Blue Or Pink {What do YOU Think?}

Hey dolls! So we are just a few days away from finding out if we are having a little princess or a little ball player! 
The Gender Reveal party is Sunday night at 6:30. The theme of the party is New York and we are SO SO excited! Below is one of the custom prints I had made for the party that lists all the Old Wives Tales. Don’t you just die over the Kate Spade inspired logo?!? I may have squealed when I saw it. I will be announcing the big news (and hopefully the name too) around 7:30.
So what do you think?
Pink or Blue?
We feel SO SO very blessed that God has blessed us with this Child. He or she will be loved by so many and we cant wait to meet this sweet sweet baby!

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5 thoughts on “Blue Or Pink {What do YOU Think?}

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    Congratulations for being a future mom! I’m pretty excited too! I adore babies so much coz’ they really are adorable and irresistible. Hope you’re having a great time and please do keep us updated. I can’t wait to see your little angel. Good luck and again congratulations! Take care and think of happy thoughts!

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